What is Profit Unlimited?

What is Profit Unlimited? A Stock Investment SCAM In Disguise?

“What is Profit Unlimited?”

“Is it a good investment opportunity or totally a SCAM?”

“Are the service really that great? It sounds too good to be true.”

These might be the doubts that you have on Profit Unlimited, and you’re looking for the answers to these questions, am I right?

Hey, this is Zac here, the owner of Life Goal Finisher. No matter what reason that brings you here, I must thank you for clicking this page and read my review on the company.

That’s the exact way to avoid potential scams, and find a legitimate way to make money online.

Rest assured, I am not associated with Profit Unlimited (and I never will). So I won’t pitch or sell you any of their products.

But, if you’re already joined their program. Then, I think you’ll need to read this review until the end and consider whether you should continue their service or quit ASAP.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

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Product Overview

Logo of Profit Unlimited

Product Name: Profit Unlimited

What’s It About: Stock Investment Training

Joining Fees: From $49 to 129

Owner/Founder: Paul Mampilly

Website:  https://banyanhill.com/profits-unlimited/

Summary:  The good news is Profit Unlimited is not a scam. It’s a legitimate company that provides you all the necessary tools and researches to maximize the profit gains in the stock investment. However, I wouldn’t recommend this opportunity to any newbies who want to make money online because of several downsides, and one of them is because the stock investment is too RISKY for beginners who don’t have financial background!

Overall SCAM Rating: 20/100 (Safe)

Recommended: Not really.

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What is Profit Unlimited?

Profit Unlimited is one of Banyan Hill Publishing’s monthly investment newsletter, and Paul Mampilly is the current editor.

This newsletter is launched to serve as a guide to beginners and experienced investors by providing them access to Paul’s strategic way of investing.

According to Paul, he claimed that he has offered over 130,000 readers his top technology stock picks that are poised for tremendous growth.

Moreover, he also provides his subscribers the best time to invest in acquiring the most profitable gains.

Who is Paul Mampilly?

Paul Mampilly
Paul Mampilly

Born in India, Paul Mampilly came to the United States as a young man and started his financial career in 1991 as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust.

Years later, he was recruited by an asset management firm to manage one of its hedge funds. 

Paul successfully grow the hedge fund from $1.3 billion to $5.8 billion, raising the whole firm’s assets to $25 billion! 

Moreover, while everybody is losing money during the financial crisis in 2008 and 2009, he managed to generate a 76% return and grow his initial investment from $50 million to $88 million!

His success stories are then featured on major media like CNBC, Fox Business News, and Bloomberg TV.

After his retirement, he founded Profits Unlimited in 2016 that aimed to make regular people wealthy.

With that said, so far so good, Paul Mampilly seems like an experienced investor, successful entrepreneur, and former hedge fund manager.

You can read his full story here.

How To Join Profit Unlimited And Make Money?

And now comes the most exciting part: How do you make money with Profit Unlimited?

To keep things simple for your better understanding, I’ll give you a brief step-by-step explanation to show you the process of how you can join the service and make an income out of it.

Step 1: The Joining Fee

To join Profit Unlimited, you’ll need to purchase their membership package that ranges from $49 to $129, as shown in the figure below.

Membership Packages of Profit Unlimited

As you can see, the only 2 differences between these packages are the level of service desired, as well as print versus digital options.

Step 2: Make Money!

Here’re some of the investing tools and resources you’ll be getting after sign up with one of the membership packages, as seen on the sales page:

  • Paul Mampilly’s model portfolio
  • Trade alerts
  • Weekly webinars
  • Monthly report
  • Website Access

As I said earlier, Profit Limited is just a publishing business, but not a fund management firm. 

Their responsibility is just providing you the stock investment ideas and strategies for you to read. They can’t take your money and help you to invest.

To start making money with all those resources, you’re the one who needs to find a reliable brokerage to begin investing in the stock.

Here’s a short video of Paul Mampilly explain how you can use Profits Unlimited to earn money in great detail. Feel free to check it out👇

Customer Reviews on Paul Mampilly

On Paul Mampilly’s Facebook profile, he has been reviewed by 215 people at the time of writing (May 2020) and scored an average of 4.6 out of 5-star rating.

Here’re some of the screenshots of the customer reviews:

Customer reviews on Paul Mampilly, as seen on Facebook.
Customer reviews on Paul Mampilly, as seen on Facebook.

Clearly, most people are praising the financial services provided by Paul Mampilly. And I’ve no intention to say these reviews are fake. But still, I’ll take them with a grain of salt.

3 Reasons Why I Don't Recommend Profit Unlimited

  1. Stock Investing Can Be Very Risky For Beginners

This is a very straightforward reason. The stock market is very volatile. 

Without prior experience, there’s a high risk for you to lose your entire savings, and I believe it’s one of the key reasons why most people are afraid to invest in stock. 

And Profit Unlimited is not a “done-for-you” financial service. It means that you still need to use their provided resources and do all the investing stuff by yourself from scratch.

From my standpoint, it’s a great way to learn stock investing, but it’s just too risky for newbies who just start out in the financial world.

That’s why I always suggest beginners to try out other money-making opportunities like blogging, dropshipping, and Amazon FBA.

Yes. You’ll still need to start from scratch, but compared to stock investing, the risk of losing all your money in these businesses is much lower.

  1. Paul Mampilly’s Exaggerating Claims

There’re ridiculous claims from Paul Mampilly, like certain tech stocks are estimated to surge 8000%.

All I could say his claims of success are massively overblown to “hook” the amateur investors who always dream of “get rich overnight.”

The old adage applies here – if it sounds too good to be true, it is!

  1. Profit Unlimited Doesn’t Emphasize on Risk Management

When it comes to stock investing, risk management is crucial to avoid you from losing your entire savings.

But, you’ll only be getting the tips or researches about which stocks are likely to rise in value from the Profit Unlimited newsletter.

They give very little advice on market downturns and strategies to deal with this.

I think it’s a huge mistake as it seems like they don’t emphasize the proper risk management to prevent the investors from a massive loss in the stock market.

What Do I Like About Profit Unlimited?

Affordable Price

Their membership fees are quite reasonable.

Some of the companies are charging such service for hundreds of dollars per year. But you just need to pay a fee that’s below $100/year to start learning stock investing with Profit Limited.

It’s undoubtedly to say that Paul Mampilly has made Profit Unlimited an excellent and affordable platform for ordinary people who wants to learn stock investing.

So, Is Profit Unlimited a Scam?

Now to one of the most critical questions. Is Profit Unlimited a SCAM?

After hours of research, I can say that Profit Unlimited is not a scam nor a pyramid scheme.

It’s a legitimate stock investing training that provides you all the necessary resources to start your investing journey.

However, I wouldn’t recommend this opportunity to any newbies who want to make money online because it’s too risky.

Even if I say so, the choice is still yours. There’re no right and wrong answers for you to decide which business model you want to get involved.

But, you should do some planning and calculation in advance to see if that business opportunity is worth your time and money or not.

You Deserve A Better Opportunity

Kudos to you! You’ve just read 1500+ words and still counting. If you make it this far, I commend your commitment.

Meanwhile, I also can feel how serious you’re when it comes to finding a proper way to make money online.

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Zac Phua

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6 thoughts on “What is Profit Unlimited? A Stock Investment SCAM In Disguise?”

  1. I thought it’s another scam dealing with affiliate marketing or network marketing, but then, after reading the whole review, I learned that it is one of those subscription sites for stock investors. Investing in stocks and making money in affiliate marketing are two different things, but I must agree with you that investing stocks is not for beginners as it is too risky especially if the investor lacks experience.

    For beginners, I’d say they should be better off joining your recommended alternative which looks like an affiliate marketing opportunity. At least, in affiliate marketing, anyone can make money without the need of investing huge amount of capital like what is needed in stock investing.

  2. I will agree with you that profit unlimited is a legit business because of the high profile record of Paul Mampilly, the success stories of the customers, it review  rating and other considerable factors.
    But i am a bit worried about how newbies will understand the system and make maximum profitout of the system since the profit unlimited does not review much about it risk management which would have help it customers especially the newbies to trade better, by knowing when and how to trade best.

  3. I haven’t subscribed to Profit Unlimited, but I have succumbed to a different investment newsletter, so I can share my experience with that. It sounded like it would be really useful for making money investing, but in truth I didn’t read it after the first few. Not because it wasn’t interesting, but because I felt I didn’t have enough money available to invest to make it worth it! Although the marketing makes it sound like all you need to do to get rich is subscribe, the reality is that you already need to have quite a lot of money. While subscribing may have made me feel a bit wealthier, all that happened was that I wasted the subscription fee. 

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