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You: "Who is this guy? Why should I trust you?"

Who am I? Well, that’s a great question. 

My name is Zac Phua. I’m the owner of Life Goal Finisher. Like most people, I started to look for ways to make money online in 2018, when I was a 19 years-old college student.

I want to make money online, but I’ve no idea how to do it. I’ve no knowledge, experience, and there’s no expert for me to seek for advice.

Worst come to worst, I’m the kind of person who’ll impulse buying a product/service that “I think” it’ll bring me substantial returns back in the days.

And I’m sure you guess it right, I GOT SCAMMED. For sure, I was upset and got angry on the scammer, but when I took the time to reflect on myself, I think that’s all my fault. 

If I can think rationally and do in-depth research on the Forex Mirror Trade MLM Company (The service I bought into), I might not end up being scammed.

The Turning Point

Months later, I get into affiliate marketing through serendipity.

And this business model became my obsession.

The reason why I love Affiliate Marketing so much is because of these reasons:

✔️ It doesn’t require you a huge capital to start up.

✔️ You don’t need to do face-to-face selling.

✔️ You don’t need to create products.

✔️ You don’t need to own an inventory.

Being a shy and introverted person, Affiliate Marketing is absolutely a game-changer for me!

Affiliate Marketing sounds great! But what's it exactly about?

To keep things simple for better understanding, here’s how I define Affiliate Marketing in 2 sentences:

Affiliate Marketing: A process of earning commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products.

You find a product or service you like, promote it to others and earn commission up to 80% every time you make a sale.

I know this might sounds vague to you. So, let me shows you a graphic, so you can get a clearer insight on the whole concept.

How affiliate marketing works

Is the graphic not enough? How about the real-life example…

Real-Life Example: Hotel Booking Websites

When you’re planning for your travel, you’ll probably head over to the relevant hotel booking websites like Booking.com, Hotels.com, or Agoda, am I right?

The sites will give you an extra discount or coupon code if you invite your friends or family members to book a hotel via your unique link on their websites.

This is Affiliate Marketing! And the unique link is also known as your “Affiliate Link” or “Referral Link” which contain your affiliate ID.

Can you see that affiliate marketing is actually all around us?

Of course, I’m not asking you to invite hundreds of people booking hotels online. That’s not how you create your passive income streams.

It’s just a real-life example to paint a clearer picture of how the business model works.

Why Should You Give Affiliate Marketing A Try?

Besides the benefits that I mentioned earlier, the one reason why you should give Affiliate Marketing is because of this:

Affiliate Marketing Can Bring You Financial & Time Freedom.

After you’ve built up a website, it will be working for you 24/7. Even if you decide to take a break, your website will still be there working for you.

Certainly, this won’t happen overnight unless you take consistent action by implementing every tactic and knowledge you learned from Wealthy Affiliate.

So, can you start to see why Affiliate Marketing is my top recommended online business for anyone? Especially for those introverts who’re shy and hate face-to-face selling like me.

As long as you’re willing to put in the work, the result you get will be very wonderful.

Your Next Step...Take Action!

Naturally speaking, your next step is to take action!

If you’re interested in Affiliate Marketing, the business model that can turn your passion in profits, I highly suggest Wealthy Affiliate to you. 

To me, they’re the NO.1 e-learning platform for affiliate marketing, period.

Overall, here’re what you’ll get in the Free Starter Membership:

  • Video Walk Through
  • Beginner Training Course
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training (Phase 1)
  • Live Help (First 7 Days)
  • 2 Free Websites
  • Website Backup
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Keyword Research Tool (30 Searches)
  • Affiliate Program Marketplace
  • 2 Training Classroom
  • 1-on-1 Coaching (First 7 Days)

Wealthy Affiliate provides you all the complete step-by-step guide that assists you in building a Stable Passive Income Stream through affiliate marketing.

This platform will guide you on how to:

✔️ Choose the perfect niche that you’re passionate about.

✔️ Build websites in minutes without any prior experience!

✔️ Attract Visitors from Google for FREE with SEO.

✔️ Monetize your website , and slowly build up your passive income stream.

Seriously, I challenge you to find other platforms that provide so many values at such a low pricing. I bet you won’t find one.

If you’re ready to learn something useful today, click the button below to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate.

Just like I keep emphasizing earlier, they do provide Free membership plan, so it’s 100% risk-free to get started with WA.

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3 Frequent Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers
Unlike many other programs out there, Wealthy Affiliate only offers 2 levels of membership – Free Starter Membership & Premium Membership. 
Rest assured that you won’t be asked to pay more for any advanced service. 
As a Premium Member, you’re allowed to get access to the entire community. 
You can get can your first month of Premium Membership at $19 if you join through my link here and upgrade within 7 days.
I understand your concern about building a website because we have the same thing in common: I don’t know about programming.
Let me repeat it: Even until today, I still don’t know a single line of code.
But with the right tools provided by WA, you could build a stunning website even you don’t know about anything about coding.
Honestly, there’s no definite answer to these questions. How long can you get results and make tons of money depends on the effort and time you’re willing to put into your own business.
And one common mistake I observe on most beginners is that they are too driven by making FAST money.
There’s nothing wrong with it because there’s no point for us to start a business that makes us lose money.
But if we’re too money-minded, the downside is we will lose our attention to provide values to our customers.
No matter what business we’re in, we must always think about giving value to customers first before we ask for something from them. There’s no such thing as “free lunch.”