SurveySay Review | A Paid Survey That Doesn't Worth Your Time

SurveySay Review | A Paid Survey That Doesn’t Worth Your Time

Welcome to my SurveySay’s review, my friend!

Chances are, You’ve come across SurveySay’s official website that offers money-making opportunity, and you’re about to give it a shot. But, you’re not sure whether it’s legit or not, am I right?

Whatever reasons that bring you here, I must thank you for taking your precious time to click on this page and read this review.

It’s good to do your research before joining any “seemingly good” program because it’s the exact way to avoid potential scams and find a legitimate way to make money online.

Rest assured, I’m also not associate with SurveySay (and I never will), so I won’t pitch you to join the company.

But, if you’re already joined their service. Then, I think you’ll need my unbiased review on the company, and consider whether you should continue their service or quit ASAP.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

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Company Overview

SurveySay Review - SurveySay's company logo

Company Name: SurveySay 

What’s About: Paid Survey Middleman Site

Joining Fees: Free

Founder/Owner: No Disclosure

Founded in: 2008


Summary: SurveySay acts like a middleman that connects you with other paid survey companies, and they make money once you’re joining any of the companies that they referred to you. To me, this money-making opportunity has more downsides than its benefits. Hence, I will avoid this kind of platform, and find other better alternative, period.

Overall SCAM Rating: 70/100 (Risky)

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What Is SurveySay?

Based in Herndon, Virginia, SurveySay is a middleman site that connects you to other sites that pay you to take online surveys.

This company was founded in 2008. But the information of the founder is still remain unknown throughout the 13 years in the business.

After you signed up with SurveySay, you’ll not be getting the online surveys that you’re looking for. Instead, you’re given random links to the other paid survey sites that offer cash bonuses once you’ve completed their surveys.

SurveySay’s associated paid surveys companies are included:

  • Global Test Market
  • I-Say
  • MySurvey
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Toluna
  • Que Opinas

And many more…

You can then choose the ones you want to sign up for.

How Does SurveySay Works & How To Make Money With The System?

To keep things simple for better understanding, here’s a graphic that I’ve created to show you the overall process of how does SurveySay actually works and how you can make money from the system.

SurveySay Review - How you can make money with SurveySay

As you can see from the figure above, making money with SurveySay is very simple. Please note I say it’s simple, but not easy.

All you need to do is just sign up with SurveySay for Free.

Once signed up, you’ll be led to a page where you’ll be asked to sign up with either one (or more, depends on you) of the random survey companies.

Last but not least, you can start to take online surveys on the chosen sites & earn rewards.

Simple as counting 1,2,3. Am I right?

However, one thing you’d take note is that SurveySay is not the one that pays you the rewards.

The 3rd-party survey sites that they link you to are the ones responsible for the rewards/payment. And these sites will pay you in different ways, such as gift cards, check, PayPal transfer, and bank deposit, etc.

With this all in mind, you might be noticed that the owner of SurveySay is the one who makes most of the money of referring to take surveys at their partnering companies. 

Your earning potential might be MEAGER. Some people say you can make $0.50 per survey, but all you need to know is that the money you can make out of taking surveys is relatively low.

Customer Feedback on SurveySay

As the time of writing (28 May 2020),  Sitejabber is the only reviewing platform that received the most customer reviews on SurveySay.

And the average star rating looks like this:

SurveySay Review - Customer Reviews on SurveySay, as seen on Sitejabber.

Apparently, SurveySay’s customer feedback doesn’t look that great on Sitejabber.

After some research and analysis, I found the 3 common causes of the negative reviews are:

  1. The company is “hunting” for personal information, which they’ll then sell to other companies.
  2. Once they obtained your email, you might be spammed by their “salesy” email every single day. 
  3. They pay very, very little.

I don’t know you, but all the problems listed above make me wonder about the company’s business operation, and I will think twice if before I decide to earn extra cash with SurveySay.

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4 Reasons Why I Don't Recommend SurveySay

1. Your Personal Information Might Be At Risk.

When you’re registering an account with SurveySay, you might be noticed that they don’t require you to set a password.

In my opinion, the reason they’re doing this is that they just want to collect people’s information for commercial purposes.

You probably know that there’s a high demand for people’s information in the market right now. 

That’s why Google and Facebook are selling off the data to digital marketers nowadays because they need data to run profitable ads.

Usually, most platforms will only ask for your email and first name, and they will require you to set a password for security. 

They seldom ask for your other private information like date of birth, and country of origin. If they do, they will tell you why they need it. But SurveySay doesn’t.

Maybe they’re just asking for your personal information for further follow-up. 

Or worst comes to worst, they might be selling off your data to irresponsible scammers/hackers that could put your social media & bank accounts at risk.

2. Wasting Your Time.

Like I’ve mentioned above, some of the customers say that SurveySay pays very little, and I do believe that.

This is because most of the paid survey sites will set a certain threshold before you’re allowed to cash out your earnings. The majority of them are setting $100 for the payout threshold. 

And guess what? It would take a long time to make a hundred bucks online by taking surveys as you can only earn cents on cents for completing a survey.

3. Not Accredited by BBB.

At the time of writing this review, you’ll not find SurveySay on Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Even though a company without BBB accreditation doesn’t mean that the company is a scam, it would help if you still took concern with it. 

When a company is not listed on BBB, there’s no clear indication to prove that the company is legitimate or not in any way, which means you’ll be scammed anytime, especially if the company doesn’t have firm social proof. And this is what happening at SurveySay right now.

4. You’ll Never Know Who’s The Real Person Behind.

The anonymity of the persons behind it, making this platform looks suspicious to me, to be honest.

In my opinion, if I’m the one who has a successful business, I’ll let the world know that I am the one who founded it.

It’s crucial to gain trust from your potential customers by being honest with them instead of hiding something behind every people in your company. That’ll only put a Big RED FLAG on your company.

What Do I Like About SurveySay?

Not at all. To me, SurveySay is just a regular paid survey “middleman” that doesn’t have any unique selling point that caught my attention.

So, Is SurveySay A SCAM?

Now to the most critical verdict: Is SurveySay a SCAM?

To be honest, I don’t know.

I mean, I can’t make a definite judgment to claim it’s a scam or not.

It does provide you the money-making opportunity to make money by completing surveys on other sites. 

However, there’s a significant risk of your information being sold to other companies and getting spammed by them every day.

Additionally, you never know who the real person is and what’re they are actually doing behind. Company transparency establishes trust. But this site is definitely not transparent as you thought.

With all these downsides in mind, SurveySay is something I would probably avoid

If you’re serious about making real money online while doing what you genuinely passionate about, I’ve got a better opportunity for you. 

You Deserve A Better Opportunity

Kudos to you! You’ve just read 1400+ words and still counting. If you make it this far, I commend your commitment.

Meanwhile, I can also feel how serious you’re doing to find a proper way to make an income online.

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6 thoughts on “SurveySay Review | A Paid Survey That Doesn’t Worth Your Time”

  1. Thanks for giving the reviews about “SurveySay”.My WhatsApp friend recommended me to join this program, He said it is the fastest way to mack money and I see your reviews about the program it gives clear information about the overall site and then only I realized the truth of the SurveySay.

    I don’t want to give my personal information to any company. And thanks for giving the valuable information about the websites. And I saw your Wealthy affiliate article , It’s really helpful program to make money in right way

    1. I agreed with what you’ve said, Yoge. Indeed, Wealthy Affiliate is always my first recommendation for people who wants to make money online, instead of joining those MLM programs which have a meager success rate.

  2. I have tried a survey company previously which I believe is linked to Survey Say. I can honestly say that it wasted a lot of my time, I did not get paid but I did have lots of people asking me to fill in their surveys and it took me a long time to stop it. I am so glad that you have shared this information with others so that people are under no illusion as to what can happen to them if they join. Great article with great detail which in my experience is utterly correct.

    Thank you

  3. Heloo there, a big thanks to you for sharing this inbiased and interesting review on surveysay. A friend of mine actually told me of the platform and asked me to make some research on it. I am glad I found this review, it does really help.. I really like to say that surveysay is not a take for me, the red flags that we attcahed to it are just so much and even with the fact that they are not accredited by BBB. It will really be a waste of time with surveysay.

    1. You’re welcome, my friend! I am glad to hear that my article does serve you well. Thanks for your comment, too.

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