is purium a scam

Is Purium A SCAM? Transform Your Body In 10-Day For Real?

Welcome to my Purium review, my friend! Honestly, I’ve been expecting you to visit my website and read my review!

Chance are, you might probably receive a $50 gift card from your friend or relative who tries to convince you to buy the product from Purium and enjoy $50 OFF using the gift card, am I right?

Whatever reason that brings you here, I must first congratulate you for taking the time to carry out your own research before joining any “seemingly good” product.

I’m also not an associate of Purium, so rest assured I’ll not pitching you sign up their program.

But, if you’re already joined their service. Then, I think you’ll need my unbiased review on Purium, and consider whether you should continue their service or quit ASAP.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

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Product Overview

Logo of Purium

Product Name: Purium

What’s It About: Health & Wellness MLM Company

Joining Fees: From $49 up to $500

Owner: David Sandoval & Amy Venner


Summary: Purium is considered one of the “heavyweight” MLM companies in the health and wellness industry. But, I can’t recommend this business opportunity for anyone because of its low success rate ➡ More than 99% of members are earning below minimum wage!

Overall SCAM Rating: 20/100 (Safe)

Recommended: Not really

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What Is Purium?

Based in Rancho Dominguez, California, Purium is a health and wellness company founded by David Sandoval and Amy Venner in 2004.

They focus on providing customers the weight loss programs, which promise them to transform their bodies in 10 days. 

Here’s how they tout their 10-Day Transformation Programs on their official website:

“The FASTEST, healthiest, simplest weight loss program on the planet.”

However, it makes me feel suspicious as it’s just too good to be true.

Besides that, they also provide an MLM compensation plan for people who decide to make money with them, which I’ll explain that in a moment.

Purium’s Product Line

As I’ve mentioned earlier, 10-Day Transformation Programs are Purium’s flagship product, but that’s definitely not their only product.

They also market other weight loss, fitness, anti-aging, and nutritional supplements.

Let me break down the products that Purium offers by category to give you some idea:

CategoryWhat's It About?Remark
Weight LossA series of shakes, supplements, and meal replacements that help you to lose weight. Some of which included in the 10-Day Transformation Program.
AthletesShakes and supplements designed to enhance athletic performance.The 10-Day Athletes package costs $249.
CleansingSupplements designed to help to detox your body wastes.The 10-Day Cleansing package costs $249.

You can click here to see all the products available on Purium’s official website.

Now, after understanding Purium’s products, let’s take a look at their business opportunity, the part that people interested in.

How To Join Purium And Make Money?

For your better understanding, I’ll show you a step-by-step guide of the process from joining Purium to start making money with them.

Step 1: Get Start With Purium

In most cases, upfront funding or mandatory fees is always a MUST for you to join any MLM program. Purium’s obviously no different here.

There’re 2 types of enrolment packs for you to choose to become Purium’s associate:

1. Launch Packs

=> Launch Pack: $199

=> Complimentary Pack A: The price of this pack will drop to $99 if you purchase $250 worth of products at the same time ➡️ $99 +$250 = $349

=> Complimentary Pack B: The price of this pack is FREE if you purchase $500 worth of products at the same time ➡️ $0 +$500 = $500

These packs have the same business tools inside, their only difference is just the worth of extra products.

2. Basic Packs

This pack comes with a basic electronic starter kit without any product.

It priced at $49 and required you to purchase 50 units of products every month to stay active and receive any commissions you may earn.

I’ve calculated that 50 unit volume worth of products are roughly equivalent to an extra $65 expenditure every month.

For sure, you can waive this requirement if you can constantly make sales and hit a particular sales volume every month.

Step 2: Understand The Basics of Purium’s Compensation Plan

Although the compensation plan of Purium is only 8 pages long, it’s extremely complicated for me, and it took me about an hour to understand the whole concept.

Of course, there’s no point for me to explain everything to you because I don’t want to overwhelm you, too.

Therefore, I’ll only give you a brief explanation of the core elements of Purium’s compensation plan.

Overall, there’re 8 ways you can get paid from Purium, which they payout via a unilevel compensation structure.

Ways To Get PaidExplanationRemark
Retail CommissionYou earn 15% to 45% commission for each retail sales you make.The percentage of the commission depends on your rank.
Recruit CommissionYou earn commissions when your referrals purchase the enrolment packs, and they'll become your downlines.
First Order BonusYou earn a commission when your referral makes their first order.This pays up to 4 levels deep.
Unilevel CommissionOnce you build up a solid team, you'll earn a specific percentage of commissions from your downlines' sales volume.This pays up to 8 levels deep.
Rank Achievement BonusYou'll get paid with cash bonus when you achieve certain ranks.
Matching BonusOnce you achieve Diamond rank and above, and you managed to help your downlines reach the same position as yours, you'll be qualified to earn a Matching Bonus.This pays up to 4 levels deep.
Infinity BonusUnilevel commissions stop at the 8th level. But you've got the chance to earn commissions down infinity levels once you hit a certain rank and above.Sounds appealing but it's tough to achieve the rank
Lifestyle BonusA bonus commission paid to the top MLMers up to $10k per month.

After understanding the basics of Purium’s compensation plan, let’s move on to the last step…

Step 3: Start Making Money!

Do you still remember that I’ve mentioned that you’ll be given an unlimited $50 gift card for one year once you purchase the enrolment package?

The company uses gift cards to benefit its distributors to sign up recruits, and you can use them to persuade someone to buy the product at a lower price as well.

The reason behind it is because people love free gifts and discount coupons. Hence, it would be easier for you to recruit new members and raise your business.

3 Reasons Why I Don't Recommend Purium

Expensive Enrolment Fees & Products

It’s undeniable to say that the start-up cost and the products’ prices of Purium are prohibitive, and I believe most people couldn’t afford it.

Let’s just focus on their flagship product – 10-Day Transformation Plan.

How many people do you think that they could afford a fee up to $249 for a package which only lasts about 10 days? I guess there’s only a few or even no one!

Also, if we talk about the enrolment fee, yes, they’ve got a basic package that only priced at $49/month. But, what about the recurring cost of $69/month to stay active?

And I do believe that it’s hard for someone to make it big with just investing $49 without any products.

Realistically, it’s quite tough to start an MLM business with Purium, and you’ve to understand one thing: Not everyone put their health at the 1st place as well…

Heavy Emphasis On Recruitment

If we take a closer look at the compensation plan, it’s actually emphasis on recruitment than direct selling. In other words, if you don’t recruit, you’ll lose

Of course, you can make tons of money through direct selling. 

But the fact is: The commercial potential available with Purium will be when you get promoted across the board and unlocked the maximum commission from your downlines.

That’s how most MLM companies make money.

Low Income Potential

This is the most crucial part. So sit tight, and read carefully what I’m going to explain to you right now…

Here’s the figure showing you Purium’s income disclosure in 2015

Purium's income disclosure in 2015.

As I’ve highlighted for you, more than 99% of Purium’s members are making less than the $20k in 2015, which means that they’re earning below the annual minimum wage.

For sure, there’re still people getting rich with Purium. But guess what? Most of them are TOPPs (top-of pyramid scheme) who get involved in the business way earlier than you.

Majority of the people who join such MLMs failed!

Data speak louder words. The evidence is right in front of you.

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What Do I like About Purium?

Clever Marketing Strategy

Purium’s marketing strategy is what they coined as “Gift Card Marketing System.”

It’s unique and very beneficial for the distributors in building their MLM business, as I’ve mentioned earlier.

60-day Money-Back Guarantee

A good refund policy could help a company to gain trust from customers easier.

It’s also necessary because not everyone will like the taste of the products offered by Purium. 

Also, sometimes customers will receive wrong or damaged products from the company. I know it’s quite rare, but it still can happen anytime.

If you’re not satisfied with the products, you can still apply for a refund within 60 days.

So, Is Purium a Scam?

Don’t you dare lie to me GIF

Now to one of the most critical questions. Is Purium a scam?

After hours of research, I can prove to you that Purium is not a scam.

Instead, it is a legitimate MLM company with a solid background, and they do offer retail products for customers. They also lay out every detail of their compensation plan for your reference.

However, I can’t recommend this business opportunity because of its low earning potential.

There’s nothing worth for you to invest tons of your money and time just for a little payoff.

You Deserve A Better Opportunity

Kudos to you! You’ve just read 1800+ words and still counting. If you make it this far, I commend your commitment.

Meanwhile, I can also feel how serious you’re when it comes to finding a proper way to make money from home.

As you might know, MLM is a flawed business model.

For sure, there’re still people who make a good amount of money with MLM. But it often represents a tiny group of people who joined the program early.

That said, it’s challenging for people who’re BOPs (bottom-of-pyramid) to make some serious dough because they’re running out of people to “recruit”.

MLM Unilevel Compensation Structure

Instead, Affiliate Marketing is my top recommended business model for anyone to make money from home.

The reason is simple…

Advantage 1: No Recruitment Needed

  • You don’t need to “chase” after people and talk them into MLM opportunity where most people lose money.

Advantage 2: Freedom of Choice

  • You can promote any products you love and not be restricted only to promote the products from one MLM company.

Advantage 3: Low Startup Cost

  • Unlike MLM, where you’ll need to pay a pricy introductory fee to join, it takes little to no startup cost to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey in Affiliate Marketing.

You might think I’m biased, but I’m just telling the truths…

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Zac Phua

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6 thoughts on “Is Purium A SCAM? Transform Your Body In 10-Day For Real?”

  1. Yep, just another MLM in a seemingly expected niche here. I wouldn’t really expect less considering the fact that I have also tried MLM businesses in the past that left me frustrated. It is no need that many people do not succeeded in this business model and Purium is a company that is doubt any will either. People like you who come out to help others are the rela deal. Nice job on a detailed review.

    1. Thanks for your recognition of my content, Riley. The support from you and the community is my fuel to create more such valuable content to serve you guys.

  2. An interesting review you have written here on purium and to be honest, I value this a lot. So, thanks for sharing  purium actually offers products in the health and well ness niche and that is good which makes it to be that if the product is well developed then there should not be a problem with selling it. I like this a lot even though the chances of making money is not they bright. It is Stoll worthy of trying out

    1. Thanks for your honest comment, Ella.

      In fact, it’s good for you if you know you have the ability to make it big in MLM. I respect your decision.

      But, I will never advise you to do so because of low earning potential. Other business models like affiliate marketingmight be a better choice for you. What do you think?

  3. Hello Zac, it’s a nice thing u made this search and I feel really excited to have visited your site. Purium is own site that most people have little knowledge of and it’s the business idea is nice if only it was doing better than the way it is now, it would be among the best in the market. Weight loss isn’t something easy and achieving it in 10days looks so impossible to me. This company is an MLM company is a turn off since I have to recruit members which is something I’m not good at.

    1. Thanks for your honest comment, Benson. I’m glad to hear that you can get values from my article.

      Indeed, transform one’s body in 10 days sounds pretty ridiculous.

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