is hempworx a scam

Is Hempworx A SCAM? Can You Sell Hemp-Related Products Legally?

Welcome to my Hempworx’s unbiased review, my friend!

Chances are, you’ve come across Hempworx’s official website that offering hemp-based CBD oil which they claim it can improve your overall health condition.

Or, you might be invited by your homies to join Hempworx and earn promising commissions by marketing their products, am I right?

But you’re not sure is Hempworx legit or not, since the word “hemp” is not a sexy word for most people, and it’s banned in most countries.

Whatever reasons that bring you here, I must thank you for taking your precious time to click into this page and read the review.

It’s good for you to do your own research before buying into any “seemingly good” product/service because it’s the exact way to avoid the potential scam.

Rest assured, I’m also not associate with Hempworx, so I won’t pitch you to buy any products from the company.

But, if you’re already joined their service. Then, I think you’ll need my unbiased review on Hempworx, and consider whether you should continue their service or quit ASAP.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

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Product Overview

Logo of hempworx

Product Name: Hempworx

What’s It About: Hemp-based CBD oil MLM company

Start-up Cost: $20 one-time fee + Product Package that ranged from $39 to $599

Owner/Founder: Jenna Zwagil


Summary:  The good news is Hempworx is a legitimate MLM company that markets a range of CBD-related products. They also laid out every detail of their compensation for people who wants to make money by promoting their products and building a downline team. However, I can’t recommend this business opportunity to anyone because of its meager income potential less than 1% of people are managed to make over monthly minimum wage!

Overall SCAM Rating: 20/100 (Safe)

Recommended: Not really.

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What Is Hempworx?

Hempworx was founded by Jenna Zwagil in 2014 and merged with My Daily Choice in 2017.

As yet, they’ve expanded their business to more than 50 states in the United States.

They offer a range of hemp-derived CBD oils that can improve your overall health condition, and all of the hemp plants they use for their products are grown in Kentucky.

Frankly, I was surprised by this company as this is the first time I heard about the hemp-based products that can even market through MLM structure as most countries ban hemp.

In my opinion, it’s inappropriate for an ordinary person who doesn’t have the medical background to promote hemp-based CBD oil.

Hempworx Product Line

Hempworx offers a wide variety of CBD products. Here’s the list of their popular products, and their benefits:

  • Hemp Drops: Pure CBD oil for pain relief
  • CBD Cream: Anti-aging cream that reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Hempworx for pets: Good for improving pets’ immune system.
  • Revive Cream: CBD collagen cream to moisturize your skin
  • Hempworx Relief: A cream for muscles relief

For sure, I can go on with the list, but that definitely will bore you. You can click here to see what other CBD related products they offer.

Customers' Feedbacks on Hempworx

There’re 77 customer reviews on Hempworx’s BBB profile and scored an average of 4.1 out of the 5-star rating.

Customer reviews on Hempworx's BBB profile

Besides, BBB has filed 71 customer complaints on Hempworx over the past 4 years, which is acceptable as I’ve seen other MLM companies are receiving hundreds of customer complaints in a short time.

This can prove that Hempworx did a great job of providing an excellent customer shopping experience.

How To Join Hempworx And Make Money?

And here’s come the most exciting part: how do you make money with Asea Global?

As you might know, the compensation plans of most MLM companies are sophisticated.

For your better understanding, I’ll give you a brief step-by-step explanation to show you the process of how you can join Hempworx and make an income out of it.

Step 1: The Joining Fee

In most cases, an upfront funding or what they called “joining fee” is always a MUST before you can join any MLM program. Hempworx has no different here.

To be their associate, you’re required to pay $20 (one-time fee). Here’re the 3 essential tools that you’ll get inside that $20 membership fee:

  • Account Creation
  • Website/Back Office Set-Up
  • Success Starter Kit

Additionally, you’re required to purchase a package of products that range from $39 to $599, depending on which product line you want to promote.

That means your startup cost could be as low as $59 ($20 + $39) and all the way up to $619 ($20 + $599).

Step 2: Earn Commissions From Hempworx!

Like I said earlier, most MLM companies have complex compensation plans, and it’s hard to understand than solving a Rubik’s cube blindfolded. 

Although Hempworx’s compensation plan only has 15 pages long, it eats up a lot of my time to understand how it works.

To give you more precise insights, here’s the list of commissions and bonuses I’ve prepared to let you know how to earn money from Hempworx:

Jump Start Bonus – Paid Weekly

You can earn a percentage of commission up to 10 levels deep. To qualify for the Jump Start Bonus, you need to buy Builder Pack monthly or have a minimum of 40 Business Volume (BV). 

Binary Commission – Paid Monthly

This commission is payout via a binary compensation structure, which places a member at the top of a binary team, with two legs directly under them, as shown in the figure below.

Binary Compensation Structure

Basically, it means you’ve got the chance to get promoted across the board and earn commissions up to 20% from your downlines whenever they make sales and recruitments.

The higher you ranked on the board, the more commissions you’ll be receiving from your downlines.

Leadership Check Matching Bonus

To be honest, I am not sure what’s this commission about. 

But inside the compensation plan, it shows you can earn 10 levels of matching bonuses on your organization. As your affiliate commissions grow, your Leadership Check Matching bonuses grow. 

Global Bonus Pool – Paid Monthly

Once you achieved a certain rank on their leader board, you’re qualified to earn 2% of total company revenue globally.

This lets you recruit new affiliates, customers, and rank advance in the company earning your shares in the global bonus pool.

Rank Incentive & Bonus – Paid Monthly

As you move up in the ranks and start earning business volume (BV) you’ll be rewarded for building & maintaining your rank.

VIP Auto Club – Paid Monthly

If you’re able to maintain a certain rank for 4 consecutive months, you’ll be qualified to enter their VIP Auto Club, which they’ll reward you an amount of car allowance up to $1000/month.

Expense Account – Paid Monthly

Building a successful MLM business is built around traveling the world, hosting events, and investing your own money. 

But if you’re able to maintain a certain rank for 4 consecutive months, Hempworx will support your expenses on those events with a cash bonus of up to $20,000/month.

These are all the commissions and cash bonuses you can earn from Hempworx. I have tried my very best to explain them in plain English to give you a better understanding.

If you want to learn more about the details of their compensation plan, but you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with the 15-pages long pdf document. I have found a video explanation that explains it in great detail. Feel free to check it out:

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5 Reasons Why I Don’t Recommend Hempworx

1. Expensive Product

This reason is straightforward. There’re many CBD oils available on the internet and have the same benefits as Hempworx’s products.

This will make it hard to market to retail customers if they could find other cheaper options easily.

2. Hidden Monthly Expense

In order to stay active in earning the commissions from Hempworx, you need to maintain 40 BV every single month.

This requirement could be achieved by selling $69 worth of products, or you buy it yourself.

Frankly, I believe this kind of requirement applies to most MLM programs. And I don’t see any big issue with it.

The problem lies to how the distributor (upline) inform it to their downline. Most of them failed to explain this requirement in detail when making recruitments.

Here’s one of the customer complaints I get from BBB. 

Customer complaints I get from BBB

You can see that the customer is complaining their upline for not notifying them about the requirement when they are joining the program.

3. It Looks Like a Pyramid Scheme in Disguise

Hempworx’s compensation plan doesn’t mention about the retail commission.

It’s all about how you can make money by recruiting new members, get promoted across the leader board, and get qualified for more commissions and cash bonuses.

From my standpoint, that really looks like a pyramid scheme in disguise, which focuses more on recruitment than selling products.

4. Low Success Rate

This is the core reason why I DON’T recommend Hempworx for you.

Take a look at the income disclosure of Hempworx below:

The income disclosure of Hempworx

As I’ve highlighted for you, you can know that there’re only 110 out of the 28874 active members are making more than monthly minimum wage (average $2k/month globally).

In other words, less than 1% of members (0.38%) are making money at Hempworx. What a pathetic amount?!

Then, you might be asking: “What about the others?”

My guess is they’re either earning below minimum wage or totally get NOTHING.

5. Earning MLM Is Rarely A Good Idea

This is an extra point that I would like to use to support my previous claim.

Here’s a screenshot of a report from FTC showing how difficult it is to make money in an MLM program:

FTC states that only 1% of people are actually making money in any MLM program.

The reporter has investigated 350 MLM companies and claimed that only 1% of people are able to make tons of money from MLM, and most of them are TOPPs (top-of-pyramid promoters). For the rest of the people, they LOSE MONEY.

That’s why I think that it’s challenging to make a stable income out of MLM unless you are one of the TOPPs.

An illustration of Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing

What Do I like About Hempworx?

Quite frankly, unlike the other health & wellness companies like Melaleuca and Purium. I don’t think there’s something great worth mentioning for this MLM company.

This company doesn’t have any unique selling points that caught my attention.

So, Is Hempworx a SCAM?

Don’t you dare lie to me GIF

Now to one of the most critical questions. Is Hempworx a SCAM?

After hours of research, I can prove that Hempworx is not a scam.

Instead, they are a typical MLM company that offers hemp-based products and let you earn money through direct selling and recruitment.

However, it’s definitely not the best MLM business opportunity because of their expensive product, which I think would substantially lower your success rate, their income disclosure is good evidence.

Even if I say so, the choice is still yours. There’re no right and wrong answers for you to decide which business model you want to get involved.

But, you should do some planning and calculation in advance to see if that business opportunity is worth your time and money or not.

You Deserve A Better Opportunity

Kudos to you! You’ve just read 2000+ words and still counting. If you make it this far, I commend your commitment.

Meanwhile, I can also feel how serious you’re when it comes to finding a proper way to make money from home.

As you might know, MLM is a flawed business model.

For sure, there’re still people who make a good amount of money with MLM. But it often represents a tiny group of people who joined the program early.

That said, it’s challenging for people who’re BOPs (bottom-of-pyramid) to make some serious dough because they’re running out of people to “recruit”.

MLM Unilevel Compensation Structure

Instead, Affiliate Marketing is my top recommended business model for anyone to make money from home.

The reason is simple…

Advantage 1: No Recruitment Needed

  • You don’t need to “chase” after people and talk them into MLM opportunity where most people lose money.

Advantage 2: Freedom of Choice

  • You can promote any products you love and not be restricted only to promote the products from one MLM company.

Advantage 3: Low Startup Cost

  • Unlike MLM, where you’ll need to pay a pricy introductory fee to join, it takes little to no startup cost to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey in Affiliate Marketing.

You might think I’m biased, but I’m just telling the truths…

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6 thoughts on “Is Hempworx A SCAM? Can You Sell Hemp-Related Products Legally?”

  1. Hi Zac. Although you mentioned it’s safe, you still don’t recommend anybody joining. I’m glad you’re spreading the truth concerning this platform. I believe the 71 BBB customer complaints on Hempworx must be highlighted. And here I may sound a bit biased, but I feel it must be said: Nobody should join these guys. Sorry if I can’t say these things.

  2. Hi – Great information which plainly highlights the problems with such MLM schemes. I have a friend who does “OK” from a very well known health and lifestyle MLM scheme BUT she is under constant pressure to sell and does get a degree of stress which I think is unhealthy. As you show in your post many people fail and it is only the very top part of the pyramid that makes decent money. Anyone thinking of joining any MLM scheme should read your clear and concise post.

    Regards Mike

    1. Thanks for your recognition, Mike.

      Just like what I reply to Sharon in the previous comment, I personally think that MLM is bad idea for a beginner who wants to make money online compared to other business models like blogging, and dropshipping.

  3. my past records with mlm have not been the best of it because I had lost quite a lot of money during g the period, however, it is always worth it to see such a platform as this hempworx that actually focuses on offering the bets products line rather than being too covetous in the profit. I really like the products line and they seem quite marketable and worthy. Thanks so much for sharing here. Thumbs up

    1. Thanks for your honest comment, Sharon. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve fallen into scam before.

      Indeed, MLM might not be a great choice for a beginner who wants to make money online compared to other business models like blogging, and dropshipping.

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