is beachbody a scam

Is Beachbody a SCAM? An Unbiased Review by A Victim of Fraud

Welcome to my Beachbody’s unbiased review, my friend!

Chances are, you’re looking for ways to lose weight, and you’ve come across to Beachbody official website that offering top-notch sports equipments, and supplements. 

Or, you’re invited by your homies to join Beachbody to earn commissions by marketing their products, and recruiting new members into the MLM network, am I right?

Whatever reasons that bring you here, I must thank you for taking your precious time to click into this page and read the review.

Also, it’s good for you to do your own research before buying into any “seemingly good” product/service. That’s the exact way to avoid the potential scam.

To be honest, I’m not as smart as you because back in the day, I’m the kind of person who’ll impulse buying a product/service that “I think” it’ll bring me substantial returns.

And I’m sure you guess it right, I GOT SCAMMED. For sure, I was upset and get angry on the scammer, but when I took the time to reflect on myself, I think that’s all my fault. 

If I can think rationally and do in-depth research on the Forex Mirror Trade MLM Company (The service that I bought into), I might not end up being scammed.

That’s why I say you’re smarter than me.

But, if you’re already joined their service. Then, I think you’ll need my unbiased review on Beachbody, and consider whether you should continue their service or quit ASAP.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Table of Contents

Product Overview

Logo of Beachbody

Product Name: Beachbody

What’s It About: Weight Loss MLM Company

Joining Fees: $39.95 one-time signup fee with $15.95 recurring monthly fee.

Owner/Founder: Carl Daikeler


Summary:  Beachbody is a legitimate MLM business that offers customers a range of nutritional supplements and training programs. Besides, they also provide MLM business opportunities for people who decide to market their products and recruit more people to join the network. But I can’t recommend this business opportunity to anyone as the income potential is too low. In fact, I guess there’s only 2 to 3% of distributors are actually making good money from it.

Overall SCAM Rating: 20/100 (Safe)

Recommended: Not really.

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What Is Beachbody?

Based in Santa Monica, California, Beachbody is a Weight Loss MLM company founded by Carl Daikeler in 1998.

They claim themselves as a one-stop online fitness central that serves customers with a range of sports supplements and training programs that can help you to get your desired “beach body.”

In 2007, they launched a subsidiary company called Team Beachbody, which utilizes Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) to sell their products and services.

Many people get confused about Beachbody and Team Beachbody as they seem like the same thing. Although these 2 organizations are co-related, they serve for different purposes.

The difference is once you join Beachbody, you’ll automatically be assigned to a coach who is a part of the Team Beachbody.

However, if you think that your “coach” will assist you in living a healthier lifestyle, then you may get disappointed because they are the distributor of Beachbody who’s here to pitch you to buy more products.

As yet, Team Beachbody has over 450,000 “qualified coaches” worldwide.

And yeah, Beachbody is leveraging the power of MLM program and turn into a successful billion-dollar company, but can it be said for their coaches?

Beachbody Product Line

From the training programs to nutritional supplements, Beachbody has offered an extensive library of fitness essentials. 

One of their flagship products is Shakeology ($129), which is a protein shake that generates $200 million a year for the company.

Beachbody’s Products - Shakeology

I would not go into every detail of their product line because they sell numerous products, and it will probably bore you if I keep going on with the list.

You can find the full list of their products here.

Customers' Feedbacks On Beachbody

As of 25 April 2020, Beachbody has been reviewed by 1653 people on Facebook and scored an average of 4.1 out of 5-star rating. It’s a pretty good rating, in my opinion.

From what I’ve noticed, most people are praising Beachbody’s quality fitness programs and their nutritional products.

Customers' Reviews on Beachbody
Customers' Reviews on Beachbody

But when it comes to customer service and refund system, Beachbody has received a bunch of negative feedback from angry customers, and they also face similar issues on Better Business Bureau.

Here’re some of the screenshots:

Customers' Complaint on Beachbody
Customers' Complaint on Beachbody

As yet, BBB has recorded nearly 200 customers’ complaints on Beachbody, and most of them were focused on the poor customer service and refund system.

Undoubtedly, Beachbody has failed in providing an excellent customer experience.

How To Join Beachbody And Make Money?

And here’s come the most exciting part: how do you make money with Beachbody?

As you might know, the compensation plans of most MLM companies are sophisticated.

For your better understanding, I’ll give you a brief step-by-step explanation to show you the process of how you can join Beachbody and make an income out of it.

Step 1: The Joining Fee

In most cases, an introductory fee or joining fee is always a MUST for you to be an associate of an MLM company, Beachbody has no different here.

To become Beachbody’s associate, which they coined as Team Beachbody “coach,” you’re required to pay for $39.95 upfront and then $15.95 a month after that.

Step 2: Earn Commissions From Beachbody!

As I’ve mentioned earlier, most MLM compensation plans are very complicated. 

So I won’t go into complete details of Beachbody’s compensation plan because I can guarantee that will “put you to sleep faster than a sloth on Ambien.”

To keep things simple for better understanding, here’re the primary ways you can earn money from Beachbody:

Retail Commission – You’ll earn 25% of commissions by selling the products to retail customers.

Recruitment Commission – If you recruit a new member to join Beachbody by purchasing a Challenge Pack, you’ll earn a commission.

The percentage of commission you get is depending on how much a newly recruited affiliate spends on their pack.

Residual Commission – This is where their binary compensation structure starts to kick in.

A binary compensation structure places a member at the top of a binary team, with two legs directly under them, as shown in the figure below.

Binary Compensation Structure

Basically, it means you’ve got the chance to get promoted across the board and earn commissions from your downlines whenever they make a sale and recruitment.

The higher you ranked on the board, the more commissions you’ll be receiving from your downlines.

Shakeology Autoship Commission – If your newly recruited member purchases a Shakeology Home Direct Starter Pack, you’ll get paid a $20 bonus from Beachbody.

Star Diamond Leadership Bonus – The top-performing Diamond coaches will get paid for 2% of the entire TV (Team Volume) every 3 months.

I have tried my very best to explain the basics of their compensation structure in simple language.

If you want to learn more about their MLM program, you can either read their compensation plan here or watch their video explanation below:

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3 Reasons Why I Don’t Recommend Beachbody

1. Questionable and Expensive Products

I’m sure most people would agree with my first claim.

I mean, not everyone is willing to spend $129 on Shakeology – the flagship product of Beachbody, which only has 30 servings.

Also, take a look at their supplement facts of Shakeology below:

Supplement facts of Shakeology

It shows the product contains folic acid. A study can prove that folic acid can lead to cancer.

Besides, there’s an article from reported the NYU professors said some unknown ingredients are lurking in these shakes. 

They contain flax, cacao, and spirulina, and health professionals aren’t sure how much of these ingredients it’s safe to consume daily.

2. Fake Coaches

If you have enough funding, it’s easy for you to be a “qualified coach” of Beachbody. You don’t need any qualifications from the authorized agencies.

This could be misleading for a newbie who wants to get started with Beachbody. They expect to get a professional coach who can help them to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

In the end, they will discover their coach is not here to help them but to sell them Beachbody products instead.

Optavia – another weight loss MLM company, they’ve got a similar downside as Beachbody in recruiting health experts.

3. Low Income Potential

This is the main reason why I don’t recommend Beachbody to anyone. Their income potential is way too low!

In other words, no one’s earning a decent income from Beachbody. Here’s the income disclosure statement from Beachbody in 2018:

2018 Beachbody's Income Disclosure

It shows that people on the lowest rank (Emerald) only has an average earning of $2864/year, which means they’re earning below the annual minimum wage (average $20k globally).

Plus, there’s a fine print states only 43.49% of coaches received a bonus or commission.

2018 Beachbody's Income Disclosure

Then, what about the other 56.51% of Beachbody “coaches”? My guess is they might get NOTHING.

I can guarantee there’s only 2-3% of people are making good money in Beachbody.

What Do I like About Beachbody?

Great Rating On BBB

Although Beachbody has received tons of complaints from the customer, Better Business Bureau (BBB) still gives them a rating of “A+.”

If you’re familiar with BBB, you’ll know how tough it is to get such an excellent rating. Many companies that operate for years still can’t manage to get accredited by BBB, let alone getting a great rating on BBB.

So, Is Beachbody a SCAM?

Don’t you dare lie to me GIF

Now to one of the most critical questions. Is Beachbody a SCAM?

After hours of research, I can say that Beachbody is not a scam nor a pyramid scheme.

Instead, it’s a legitimate weight loss MLM company that serves customers with fitness programs and nutritional supplements.

They also provide every detail of their compensation plan for your reference if you would like to join their MLM program.

However, it’s definitely not the best business opportunity that I can recommend to you because of their questionable products, and meager success rate.

You Deserve A Better Opportunity

Kudos to you! You’ve just read 1800+ words and still counting. If you make it this far, I commend your commitment.

Meanwhile, I can also feel how serious you’re when it comes to finding a proper way to make money from home.

As you might know, MLM is a flawed business model.

For sure, there’re still people who make a good amount of money with MLM. But it often represents a tiny group of people who joined the program early.

That said, it’s challenging for people who’re BOPs (bottom-of-pyramid) to make some serious dough because they’re running out of people to “recruit”.

MLM Unilevel Compensation Structure

Instead, Affiliate Marketing is my top recommended business model for anyone to make money from home.

The reason is simple…

Advantage 1: No Recruitment Needed

  • You don’t need to “chase” after people and talk them into MLM opportunity where most people lose money.

Advantage 2: Freedom of Choice

  • You can promote any products you love and not be restricted only to promote the products from one MLM company.

Advantage 3: Low Startup Cost

  • Unlike MLM, where you’ll need to pay a pricy introductory fee to join, it takes little to no startup cost to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey in Affiliate Marketing.

You might think I’m biased, but I’m just telling the truths…

If you are sick and tired of MLM and “Biz Opp” Scams, click the “Learn More” button to discover my top recommended learning platform that can help you turn your passion into profits with Affiliate Marketing!

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Zac Phua

Zac Phua

Phua is an internet business enthusiast who loves to talk about online business ideas, affiliate marketing tools, tips, and other sources of income available on the internet. He launched and use it as a resource center where he can share his thoughts and experiences to benefit any newbie who wants to learn more about internet marketing.

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8 thoughts on “Is Beachbody a SCAM? An Unbiased Review by A Victim of Fraud”

  1. Hello, thank you for reviewing about Beachbody. You explained well the process step by step. Nowadays a lot of fake MLM sites there to spam us. That is why we need honest reviews. Now I have a good idea about Beachbody. I have a question, how they got A+ from BBB?. It is a great achievement for a company. Thanks  

    1. Get an A+ from BBB usually means the company does help the customer to resolve their problem on time. For me, it’s a great achievement as from what I know, it’s tough for a company to get accredited by BBB as their requirements are stringent.

  2. I was a member and coach at Beachbody for several years. I used their products and especially enjoyed the workouts which I still do many of including P90X and its offspring! I must say, though, that making any money through Beachbody was a chore. I had to constantly be “living proof” that the product worked and purchase at least one bag of Shakeology every month to remain a coach. They had some great training tools and business tools, but since I needed to work my full-time job at the same time, trying to run my Beachbody business full-time took its toll on me!

    I still think the products are great, but I think it is a hard way to make good money.

    Do you know if you can order Beach Body on Demand separately or do you have to pay the annual membership and monthly membership fees to be a part of it? I was on everything when I was a coach so it all came out in a lump monthly sum. It would be cool if a person could do the BB on Demand without paying all the other fees.s

    Thanks for the honest review.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to leave such a genuine comment, Karin! It’s my pleasure to be able to serve you with my content.

  3. A really Greta name fora business but unfortunately it is not the best with it’s business model there. I really don’t think that’s it is a very nice thing that I have to go around trying recruit people and rip them off indirectly at the end of the day. I thi k I should better just try your recommendation.

    1. You got it, Riley. From my standpoint, MLM is not beginner-friendly compared to other online business models like blogging and dropshipping.

      I’m glad to hear that you’re going to give either one of them a try.

  4. Hello Zac, thanks for sharing this information. I have been receiving this spam email for a while now asking me to join this beachbody business and i often wonder how eat it product will be selling since there are lots of people around who are looking for means to lose weight. However i am goad to see i didn’t register with a scam site and i hope people avoids it too.

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