Home-based business for women to earn $0k per month.

If you are willing to click on this website, then I guess you are seeking for some business ideas for women to help you figure out what you want to do or how to get started. If so, you are in the right place!

But before we go into the home-based business topic, we have to make sure you have the two right tools in place.

Namely, a speedy internet connection and a laptop. Because you may complete all of your tasks through your laptop, and it will require some sort of internet connection.

That’s all the so-called “right tools” you might need.

The existence of the internet has given people all over the world the gift of endless opportunities.

It makes it seems so easy right now for everyone to build their online businesses if they follow the right instructions from an experienced mentor.

Even if you’re a housewife staying at home watching a little one, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make money online.

Check out these profitable home-based business ideas that require you little to no start-up cost, and allows you to work whenever you want.

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6 Legit Home-Based Businesses For Women To Earn $10K+ Per Month


Dropshipping is a business model that enables a company to operate without owning a warehouse to store and maintaining inventory.

Whenever the retailer makes sales, they will purchase the item from a dropship supplier and has it shipped to the customer directly. As a result, no inventory needed for the retailer, and the supplier will handle all the product packaging and shipping for you.

An infographics showing how dropshipping works to the readers.

How does a dropshipper makes money?

The difference between how much the dropshipper charges their customers and the product costs that the supplier charges the dropshipper, is the net profit earned by the dropshipper.

For example:

  • Let’s say you are selling a shirt for $25, and the product cost for the shirt is $15.
  • You will earn a net profit of $25-$15 = $10, whenever you get a sale.

Platform To Get Started:  Shopify is the best one-stop platform where you can get started for your dropship business, as they offer their customers all the essential e-commerce services and they have excellent 24/7 customer support, too!

Bonus 1

If you decide to start dropship business, you can click the button below to read more about the recommended 17 tools that I use for my dropshipping stores. And the good news is most of them are FREE.

Web Design

A laptop is showing the word “WEB DESIGN”.

Bill Gates once said: “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.”

His quote has clearly shown how the internet plays a significant role in bringing one’s business leap onto the next level.

Every business needs to use the advantages of the internet to get connect with more potential customers. That’s why every company needs websites and social media profiles to build their branding and social proof.

There’s always a good room available for skilled website designers.

Web design is also a high-income skill that you could learn even if you don’t know how to code.

Once you have mastered any web-based CMS tool like WordPress (most recommended), you will be able to work with clients around the globe from the comfort of your home and add your aesthetic and design expertise to their websites.

How To Get Started:  Once you have mastered this skill, and you are very confident with it, there two methods that you can promote your services.

Method 1: Build personal brand around your expertise

  • Use your profession to build a professional website and social media profiles that related to your services. The goal is to develop your personal brand.
  • Bring awareness to your potential customers through social media advertising, or ask for help from your friends and relatives to share it (word of mouth is very powerful, too).

Method 2: List your service on Fiverr

  • You could list your expertise on Fiverr with a compelling copy for your profession to tell the potential buyer on why should they work with you.
  • [OPTIONAL] – You also could build some sample websites to showcase your skills to your potential buyers.


A blogger is writing her blog post with her laptop in a cafe.

Blogging is the most suitable business idea for women who enjoy writing articles as you work entirely on your schedule. And the best part is that you don’t need to be an outstanding writer to become a blogger.

Many “stay at home” moms are making good money from ads and affiliate programs once their blog posts are attracting a stable number of visitors every month.

Other benefits of starting a blog are including:

  • It will bring you additional opportunities like freelance writing, coaching, and marketing.
  • You can write about anything you like!
  • It allows you to showcase your knowledge and expertise on the things you like.
  • It takes a little to no cost to start a blogging site.

Platform To Get Started

  • Blogger
  • WordPress.com
  • WordPress.org

You can read this article: https://bloggingwizard.com/wordpress-vs-blogger/ to have a clearer understanding of these three platforms before you make a decision on which one to get started.

YouTube Personality (Be A Youtuber)

A gorgeous woman is vlogging her daily lifestyle with a camera.

If you are a woman who is comfortable speaking in front of a camera and very passionate about videography, then becoming a YouTuber might be a superb choice for you.

You can create a variety of video content that you like and post it on the platform from the comfort of your home.

Just like any industry, there’s never a guarantee that you will be making it big on YouTube. But if you continue to create incredible videos that focus on providing values to your audiences, and consistently engage with them, the money will eventually come to you.

Once you have enough active audiences who watch your videos, you can start to earn money from Adsense ads, affiliate programs, or even get sponsorship from a big company that wants to cooperate with you.

Affiliate Marketing

A simple schematic diagram that shows how affiliate marketing works.

Affiliate marketing is a business idea that falls under blogging and YouTube personality.

It is a business that allows you to make money by promoting third-party products/services.

When someone purchases the product/service through a unique link with your affiliate ID, you will earn a commission.

Making money through affiliate marketing is not complicated and difficult if your blog posts or YouTube videos have a stable number of readers or viewers every month.

That’s why the quality of the content plays a critical role in bringing more visitors.

You have to put more effort into producing useful articles or videos that give values to your audiences if you want to make affiliate marketing as your primary income source.

Here are some great affiliate programs that you can take a look at.

  • ShareASale Affiliates
  • Amazon Associates
  • eBay Partners
  • Clickbank
  • Rakuten Marketing Affiliates
  • Shopify Partner

eBay Flipping

An infographics showing how ebay flipping works to the readers.

If you are the one who is looking for the fastest and easiest route to sell things online, then eBay is the platform where you could get started.

You just need to click the “sell” button on eBay once you have:

  • Registered a PayPal account.
  • A credit card on file at eBay.
  • Ready-to-sell products.

I have found a great video from Gary Vaynerchuk, who can show you how to flip products online at a ZERO startup cost. Feel free to watch it, 2:28 minutes of video won’t eat up much of your time.

Recommended Learning Platforms


Udemy is the largest learning platform where everyone can get any course they like for a cheap price.

Udemy is the leading e-learning and teaching platform with the broadest library of courses. They have more than 100,00 courses available on Udemy, with over 24 million students around the globe.

You can literally hone every skill under the right guidance of experienced mentors on this platform.

Feel free to check out two of my favorite courses of all time:

Skill Share

Skill Share is the fast-growing learning platform where everyone can get any course they like for a cheap price.

SkillShare is an online learning community designed for both active learners and passionate tutors.

They offers more than hundreds of new classes every single day in various fields like design, entrepreneurship, business, tech, and many more. As yet, more than 19,000 classes offered.

Slightly different from Udemy, Skill Share charge you on monthly or annual basis, depending on the plan you choose.

  • $8.25/month ($99 billed annually)
  • $15/month (billed monthly)

Moreover, SkillShare does offer you a 2 MONTHS FREE TRIAL, and there’s no strict commitment applied, which means you can cancel anytime.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there’s a variety of great ways to make money from home. The internet has created way more opportunities for all of us.

Now, it’s your turn to figure out which one suits you the most and make sure you are choosing the right business for your personality and lifestyle.

If you love what you do, you will be more likely to put in 100% of efforts to make your business succeed, and even a small milestone will makes you very happy. Meanwhile, it can be the “gasoline” that motivates you to continue building your business empire.

That’s all from Life Goal Finisher, and we hope that you could get some values from this article.

Feel free to leave a comment and share this article to your friends and relatives if you think it is useful.

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