5 High-Income Skills That Help You Make $10000 Per Month.

What if I told you that according to a report shown by CNBC, big companies like Google and Apple don’t require employees to have a college degree, do you still believe that certificate is a prerequisite to financial success? I bet you wouldn’t.

The existence of the internet has changed the workforce thoroughly.

Unlike the 20th century, job security is no longer as safe as you think in today’s world, even though you are a highly educated person.

What is High-Income Skills?

The important of learning high-income skills.

High-income skills are the in-demand skill set that can earn you at least 5 figures per month.

There’s no such thing as you can get something for nothing. Money is made only when you are providing value to your customers by serving them a solution to resolve their problems.

Learning a skill that allows you to sell a high-demand service that solves people’s problems is a crucial factor that makes you valuable in your desired market.

Why High-Income Skill Is Better Than A High-Paying Job?

A manager points at his employee's laptop and criticizing her works.

The employees who trade their time for salary, their values are determined by the boss, instead of the marketplace.

In other words, their incomes are set by the boss, not themselves. That’s why almost no employee can raise the amount of their paychecks dramatically, because they have no the right to do so.

But once you mastered a high-income skill that is high in demand, the story will be different. You will have the right to charge for higher service fees from your clients.

Although you are still trading your time for money, the most significant difference is you have 100% control over how much you want to claim for the price of your service.

I have prepared a list of 5 high-income skills that you can learn without a college degree and my personally recommended platforms where you can learn the skills.

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Top 5 High-Income Skills That Everyone Can Learn Without College Degree


  • When we praise someone, we use WORDS.
  • When we complain about something, we use WORDS.
  • When we connect with someone, we use WORDS, etc.

I am using these examples to emphasize the power of WORDS.

A laptop showing "Words Have Powers" wallpaper.

Copywriting is the skill of selling through words, which also means that it is an act of writing texts that use for generating more sales.

Sounds easy, right? However, it includes buyer psychology, persuasive writing, and many other sales tactics.

Imagine if you have the skills to write a compelling ad copy to grab the attention of thousands, and eventually convert them into the buyers.

You will be extremely valuable to the market once you mastered the copywriting skills that could help any company to generate high returns.

Estimated Income Range For A Skilled Copywriter:

According to the Kopywriting Kourse, the estimated income range of a skilled copywriter is around $30,000 to $130,000 per month.

Sales Funnel Expert

Sales Funnel is one of the core concepts in the digital marketing industry.

To explain the meaning of Sales Funnel, here is how I define it:

The journey your website visitors go through all the way to buy your services or products.

A basic example of a sales funnel made by Life Goal Finisher.

There are several steps implemented to a basic Sales Funnel, namely, Awareness (Top of Funnel), Engagement/Interest (Middle of Funnel), and Conversion/Sales (Bottom of Funnel). These steps may vary depending on the company’s sales model.

To make this concept more understandable: 

  • At first, a company will advertise their product/service to get the attention of potential buyers. (Awareness)
  • Then, a smaller part of the audience will be interested in the product/service and want to learn more. (Interest)
  • At the end of the funnel, there is only a smaller part of that interested audience who may purchase the product/service. (Sales)

An expert who can build a robust Sales Funnel with a high conversion rate will be able to receive a big paycheck from any company that desires to boost their sales.

Estimated Income Range For A Sales Funnel Expert:

  • Once you mastered the art of online sales, you can charge your client from $3k to $10k per funnel, depends on the complexity.
  • You can even build an automated Sales Funnel for yourself that helps you to earn commission by promoting others’ products (either dropshipping or affiliate marketing).

Extra Bonus 1 

 If you have heard about dropshipping and decide to start your own business, you can click here to learn more about the recommended 17 tools that I use for my online business. And the good news is most of them are FREE.

Web Design

Web Design is a high-income skills that everyone should learn.

In this digital age, we are expecting we could get any information from online searches.

That’s why a well-built website plays a significant role in exposing a business to more people around the globe.

Web design is a skill that you could learn even if you don’t know how to code.

There’s a lot of web-based CMS tools that you could use to help people design website professionally, and WordPress is the most used web-based CMS tools.

Estimated Income Range For A Senior Website Designer:

The top 10% of senior website designer can earn up to $100k every year, and $20k for each project, depends on the website’s complexity.

Digital Content Creator

Just like what I mentioned earlier in this article, the existence of the internet makes the world changes rapidly every single day.

Thanks to the contributions from every software engineer, more and more works can be done in our own homes, even in our pajamas. It seems so easy right now to produce videos, graphics, and audio that entertain or educate people around the globe.

This doesn’t happen in the 70s and 80s unless you are willing to pay millions for a production company to get it done for you.

Gary Vaynerchuk, the CEO of VaynerMedia and VaynerX, once said:

“The internet is a place where you can make $54,000 a year by just talking about peanut butter”.

So try to figure what’s your real passion and shared it to the world in video, audio, or even in written words form.

Estimated Income Range For A Skilled Content Creator:

The content marketing alone is a $44 billion industry, and still growing vastly.

  • The average annual income of a digital photographer is $65,000 annually, with some can earn more than $170k
  • Every video editor can make between $72k to $124k on average. It depends on where you work.
  • Every audio producer can make between $42,000 to 75,000 per year on average.
The booming of social media apps makes digital content creating becomes a leading high-income skills.

High-ticket Closing

An agent has successfully closed the deal and makes tons of commission.

Everything in this world is about selling.

The ability to sell is the quintessential money-making skills that you should learn because it’s a high demand skill required by every industry.

Sometimes, selling is not just about convincing people to buy something fancy like cars or their dream houses and earn a big commission.

Somehow it’s also a great way if you want to make a positive impact on people’s lives by providing them a valuable online course or a guide that teaches them a new skill.

If you want to understand high-ticket closing in more details, Dan Lok the founder of High-Ticket Closer (HTC), will be the best mentor who can give you more precise ideas about this high-income skill. Click and watch the video below.

Estimated Income Range For A High-Ticket Closer:

People who mastered the skills can earn up to 50k per sale.

For example:

  • Top real estate selling agents could earned more than $160k per year.
  • The top 10% of insurance sales agent could earned more than $120k every year.

From Where You can Learn These Skills?


Udemy is the largest learning platform where everyone can get any course they like for a cheap price.

Udemy is the largest e-learning and teaching marketplace with the broadest library of courses. Under the mentoring of the experienced instructors, you can hone literally every skill that you want to learn.

As yet, there are more than 100,00 courses available on Udemy, with 24 million active learners around the world. The price of the courses is also affordable, as most of them only charge you for $10 to $20 per course.

 Extra Bonus 2 

As a reference, these two courses are my favorite courses of all time, feel free to check it out:

ClickBank Success – Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

SEO 2020: Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites

Skill Share

Skill Share is the fast-growing learning platform where everyone can get any course they like for a cheap price.

SkillShare is a fast-growing online learning community designed for both active learners and passionate tutors.

This platform offered more than thousands of new classes every single day in design, entrepreneurship, business, tech, and many more.

You can learn anything from SkillShare, and they only charged you for $8.25/month ($99 billed annually) or $15/month, depending on the plan you choose.

Additionally, SkillShare does offer you a 2 MONTHS FREE TRIAL, and there’s no strict commitment applied, which means you can cancel anytime.

Key Takeaway

I might make it sounds so easy to make money with these five skills. But it’s not. What I am trying to say is these skills are simple, but not easy.

All the listed high-income skills still require a certain level of learning, but you don’t need a college degree to start, for sure.

Just like anything new, everything you try as a beginner WILL be tough and confusing.

You have to bear in mind that money will come when you mastered the skill.

"Winner is not people who never fail, but people who never quit."
- Edwin Louis Cole -

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