17 Best Shopify Dropshipping Tools For Complete Beginner

Success in dropshipping is not about building a store, buy some FB ads, and pray there’s someone go to your store and buy products.

Just like any other industry, it needs to take a lot of effort to built a successful dropshipping store.

Therefore, investing some money and time to find the right kind of tools are crucial elements that could lead you to success and outranges your competitors much easier.

I have prepared a list of the best dropshipping tools that I personally use for my dropshipping business. Quite a few of them are indispensable, not just for me, but also for many other successful entrepreneurs.

"I am on budget" GIF

But, mate, I might don’t have much money to invest in those great tools.”

If you are running on a tight budget, no worries, I understand your concern because I have been there, too.

The best part of the tools that I listed out for you are either FREE or just require small amounts of your money.

I’m pretty sure that’s what you are looking for, am I right? Let’s get into with quick navigation of contents first.

Table of Contents


Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. If you purchase any product/service through my link, I will earn a small amount of commission, with no extra cost to the product/service.

 The tools and methods that I recommended to you are solely based on my personal experiences, and they are beneficial to me. I recommended them not because of the small commission I can make, but I want to try my very best to help any beginner who wants to succeed in dropshipping.

 If you are not comfortable purchasing the product/service through my affiliate link, you could consider opening a new window tab and head over to the website directly without my affiliate ID. I hope you could get some great values from the content that I am going to share!

Platform To Get Started


Shopify is a leading platform specially designed for people who wished to build their online store for their own business.

At this point, some of you might ask:

“But, mate, I heard that building an eCommerce store with WordPress and WooCommerce is far better and more customizable compared to Shopify.”

No doubt, I agreed with that, but the problems are:

  • Compared to Shopify, building an eCommerce website with WordPress is not user-friendly for a complete newbie.
  • You might need to buy your domain and host it with reliable Web Hosting. Meanwhile, you need to get yourself a business email and sign up for an Email Service Provider (ESP) account that use to collect your customers’ emails for future follow-up,
  • And much more other stuff that you need to concern with…

To sum all the fees, it’s might not as affordable as Shopify for a beginner who runs on tight budget.

For some people, Shopify might not be a great choice. But for a beginner, Shopify is the best platform where you could get started.

Shopify only priced $29/month, and it is a great one-stop platform with all essential eCommerce services provided.

Click The Icon  Below To Sign Up 14-Days Free Trial of Shopify To Test Out Platform. No Commitment, Cancel Anytime.


The reason why I recommended Shopify to every beginner is also because of Oberlo.

Oberlo is a fantastic platform that integrates with your Shopify store.

It is designed for dropshipper to import products from Aliexpress and fulfill your customer’s order(s) with just a single click.

You could get Oberlo from Shopify App Store, and the function of the free version of Oberlo is more than enough already.

Moreover, Oberlo also has its own Chrome Extension which you could install it for FREE. There’s 2 benefits of this extension:

  • Allow you to find any product which supports ePacket shipping (fastest and cheapest shipping option)
  • Allow your import product from Aliexpress to your Shopify store with one click.
Oberlo logo that showed in Life Goal Finisher Post

Product Research Tools

Ali Express Bestseller + Ali Express Dropshipper Center (DS center)

We could use the combination of Aliexpress Bestseller, and Aliexpress DS center to find the trending products in our niche.

How to find potential winning products using these tools?

Stage 1: Find the product with high order count, excellent reviews, and they must support ePacket shipping.

  • Go to Aliexpress
  • Head over to your preferred category / Search any product you wish to sell.
  • Make sure the “Ship to” option is showing the United States.
  • Sort products with order count.
  • Only select products with 800~4000 orders to avoid saturated products.
A step by step guide that shows how to use AliExpress to find winning products.

Stage 2: Validate the selected product with Aliexpress DS Center

Please make sure you have registered the Aliexpress account before you head over to the DS center because it only allows the registered member to access.

  • Inside the DS center, under the “Find Product to Sell” section, you can check the total dropshipping order of your selected product by copy & paste the product’s full name on the search tab.
  • You could also check the sale of the product over the past five days and the supplier’s logistic reliability under the “Product Analysis” section.
A step by step guide that shows how to use AliExpress Dropshipper Centerto to identify winning products.
Check total DS order of a product under "Find Product To Sell" section in the DS center.
A step by step guide that shows how to use AliExpress Dropshipper Centerto to identify winning products.
Check logistic reliability of a product under "Product Analysis" section in the DS center.

My recommendation for you to validate your potential winning product is to select the product which has around 50 to 150 daily orders over the past five days.

Total DS order is an important metric, but in my opinion, it is not as essential as the sale of the product over the past five days.

AliPrice Price Tracker

Researching a potential winning product is essential.

But finding a great supplier whom you can cooperate with, is way more important if you don’t want to receive tons of disputes from customers because of long shipping time or poor product packaging.

AliPrice is a free chrome extension that you could use it to track the price history of the product and reliability of the seller.


Before installing AliPrice chrome extension, we cannot check supplier's reliability.


Before installing AliPrice chrome extension, we can use the metrics to check supplier's reliability.

Google trend is a fantastic free tool provided by Google.

The tool provides marketers all the essential metrics/data about product niches by region (country, state, and even city), time range, and every platform’s search volume.

You could use it to check the latest trending search topic, and also use it to discover the seasonal trend to cash on during the product’s peak sale seasons.

Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook Audience Insights is a great tool for anyone who want to promote their service/products on Facebook.

If you are planning to promote your product on Facebook, then Facebook Audience Insights is a powerful tool that you could use to obtain more information about your targeted audiences.

Hence, you will have a better understanding of your audiences and able to create a meaningful content for them.

Competitive Research Tools

Facebook Search

Facebook is not only an amazing platform that connects with friends, family, and other people you know. It is also an excellent tool for product and competition research if you know how to use it correctly.

Follow the steps to use FB for product research:

  • Search for any keyword that has related to eCommerce activity. For example, I search for “Free Shipping” on FB.
  • Go to the video section, and you will see a lot of video ads or promotion videos posted by other eCommerce stores around the world.
  • You could filter the search results by the date posted to get more insight on the current trending product.
  • A great video ad will have a lot of engagement (likes, share, comment) from people.
  • You could also visit to your competitor’s FB page and see how they manage their page, how they engage with their followers, and what other trending products they are selling right now.
A step by step guide that shows how to use Facebook search function to find winning product and analyze competitors.

Other keywords that you can use are including:

Buy now || 30% off || 50% off || 60% off || Order here || Claim yours now || Free worldwide shipping || Get it now || Get it here || Get yours now || Get yours || Grab yours now || Shop here || Click here || Order here || Buy it here || Order link || Tag A Friend || Tag a friend who would love this || Tag someone who needs this || Tag someone that would love this!

Sell The Trend

Sell the trend is one of the best paid tool to do product research for your dropshipping business.

Sell The Trend is the best paid tool I have used. It allows me to do in-depth research and identify potential winning products from AliExpress, Amazon, or even from my competitors’ shopify stores.

It also provides you the tool to spy on your competitors’ ads, and add them to your tracking list if you want. Meanwhile, you can create your own video ads by using their video editor.

In my opinion, Sell The Trend is a one-stop platform that I could rely on to conduct both product and competition analysis efficiently, and it saves a lot of my time.

If you have enough budget, then I highly recommended this paid tool for you, it will your “best partner” while conducting product and competition research.

Big Spy

Big Spy is the best paid tool to analyze competitors' ads.

Big Spy is also a paid advertising spyware that I used when I would like to do more research on my competitors’ ads.

This tool allows you to find trending ads on Facebook in your niche, and it also helps you to spy on the ads on the other four major platforms, namely: Instagram, Admob, Pininterest, and Yahoo.

Although this tool allows you to download your competitors’ video/image ads, you should NEVER COPY their ideas.

You could analyze your competitors’ ads and think of how to improve it and convert it into your ideas without plagiarism involved.

Similar Web

Similar Web is a place that allows you to spy your competitors' keywords for free.

Similar Web is a platform that enables you to get all the traffic and marketing insights for any website for free, viz:

  • Site’s total visits over the past six months
  • Traffic by countries
  • Traffic sources
  • Referral Traffic
  • Top 5 organic keywords
  • Social sources
  • Display Ads
  • Audience’s interest
  • Competitors & Similar Sites

This is an outstanding platform for anyone who wishes to discover more competitors in their niche and spy on their marketing data.

SEO/Keyword Research Tools

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a crucial role in bringing more free traffic to one’s website, especially for those start-up beginners who run on a tight budget and don’t want to spend a dime on paid traffic.

There are 3 online tools that I often use for SEO/keywords research.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the best free tool to carry out keywords research for your dropshipping business.

This is another great tool provided by Google for every marketer.

We can use this tool to find keywords with low competition and high search volume easily.

It also allows the users to spy on competitors’ websites by revealing every keyword that they are using to bring in more free traffic to their sites.

You could use this tool to collect the keywords with high search volume and low competition and use them on your website to increase your website ranking on the search engines.

Watch the video below to learn how to access Google Keyword Planner.


Ubersuggest is the tool that use to find potential winning keywords for your dropshipping store.

Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool acquired by a well-known digital marketing entrepreneur who named Neil Patel.

I often use this tool to collect and splitting testing more potential keywords in my niche.

Although you can use the free version of it, it is really worth to invest in this tool if you would like to unlock more features.

Keyword Surfer

Use Keywords surfer to find keywords for your dropshipping store instead of Keyword Everywhere.

If you have heard about Keyword Everywhere chrome extension (paid tool), then Keyword Surfer is the best alternative that you could use to check the estimated search volume of the keywords FOR FREE.

Other Essential Tools


Use Canva to design graphics in a more user-friendly manner.

Canva is an easy-to-use online graphic design tool recommended by hundreds of thousands of people.

For an unskilled user like me who doesn’t know how to use Photoshop to edit graphics, this tool is like a “game-changer” for me.

It allows me to create the graphics in a more user-friendly manner, either for my website or the image ads that I would like to promote on Facebook.


Go to fiverr to buy FB Ads video with cheaper price.

Fiverr is a trusted freelancing platform where you could outsource any technical works to a skilled freelancer and let them get it done for you.

The majority of the basic services are quite affordable, as most of them only charged at $5. I think that’s how the name “Fiverr” came from.

The service that I ordered the most is FB video ads service, which means the freelancer who I am ordering from will handle all the video ads works for me.

Extra Bonus: @subhanarif126 is my favorite video creator on Fiverr, you will be amazed by his mellifluous video editing skills, just like me. And he only charged $5 per video.


Please avoiding any freelancer who is offering search engine optimization (SEO) services.

This is because you will never know if they are trying to implement Black Hat SEO to optimize your website, and this will devastate your site severely.

Of course, you could get any services from Fiverr, but not for SEO services for sure. 


Animoto is the best tool to create a video ad for your dropshipping product.

Animoto is an online video editor founded back in 2006. It allows user to combine their photos, video clips, and music into unique slideshows or videos.

This tool is best for any business, professional photographers, schools, real estate video makers.

Again, for an unskilled person like me, thanks to Animoto as it makes my life so much easier when it comes to video editing.

My Daily Expense On My Business

With Fiverr Order:

Shopify Subscription Fee + Sell The Trend + BigSpy + Ubersuggest + Canva + Fiverr Order + Animoto

= $29 + $32.97 + $9 + $5 + $9.95 + $20 + $33

= $4.66 per day


Without Fiverr Order:

Shopify Subscription Fee + Sell The Trend + BigSpy + Ubersuggest + Canva + Animoto

= $29 + $32.97 + $9 + $5 + $9.95 + $33

$4 per day

Final Thoughts

As you can see from my expenditure breakdown above, it clearly shows you that starting an online business is way affordable than you could ever imagine – $4.66 per day, this cost might even cheaper than a cup of Starbucks coffee!

Compared to the traditional “brick and mortar” business, starting an online business is a smarter choice for a beginner who doesn’t want to risk all their savings.

So stop finding excuses, and start executing. The best way to gain experience is to actually learn by doing, not just reading.

The video below is my recommendation for you. It’s a tremendous free dropshipping training video produced by Tobia Wilson, and the video has gained over 3.5 million views on YouTube already!

I hope you enjoyed all the tools and tips that I shared with you. Best wishes that you will succeed in your dropshipping business!

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