You Play, They Pay | 8 Mobile Apps That Pay You Money For Real.

"Make Money With Apps? IS THIS A SCAM?"

This might be your first question that comes to mind. I understand your concern because I know there are too many scamming sites on the internet.

Even earning money through apps sounds like a scam, but the mobile apps that I am going to show you today contain legitimate options for making cash, such as playing games, answering questions, taking surveys, and more.

Meanwhile, most of them have excellent reviews on the Google Play Store, and hundreds of thousands of people have downloaded them.

So please don’t worry, “warm-up” your fingers and get ready to start earning extra bucks with these awesome apps!

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8 Mobile Apps That Pay You Extra Pocket Money


Swagbucks is a reward app that pay you real cash.

Swagbucks is the most popular site for earning cashback on a variety of fun activities, including:

  • Watching fun videos
  • Shopping top eCommerce sites
  • Answering surveys
  • Exploring & Discovering online deals
  • Shopping local deals
  • Searching the web

When you play the games or participating in any event in Swagbucks, you will get rewarded with “SB” points (which stands for Swag Bucks).

Then, you can use them to redeem for $5-$25 gift cards for Amazon, PayPal, Starbucks, Walmart, and many more.

As of 3 March 2020, they have gained:

  • an average of 4.5 out of 5-star rating, reviewed by more than 15,000 people on Trustpilot, and;
  • an average of 4.0 out of 5-star rating, reviewed by more than 40,000 people on Google Play Store.

Meantime, with over 400 million gift cards and prizes paid out, and more than 7000 gift cards given away every single day [as of 12-March-2020]. Swagbucks is the best platform where you can earn some pocket money as others did.

Brain Battle - Make Money Free

Untitled design (28)

Have you ever wondered how to make money by playing a mobile game? Well, this is it, Brain Battle is the video game that gives you a way to earn money by playing the game, there’s no in-app purchases and no paying to win.

All you need to do is download the FREE app to your smartphone, play the games, and collect tickets and use them to join the frequent cash prize draws.

The more tickets you accumulate, the higher the chance of you winning the cash voucher. Your winning prize will be paid out through PayPal transfer.

“Sounds sweet, but it sounds like a SCAM too, how can they give money for FREE?”

An angry man saying “don’t lie to me!” to his friend.

Please don’t worry, they are actually not doing this for free. What I mean is they are doing this by sharing back a division of their advertising revenue with one lucky winner. Hence, the larger their user base, the more prizes they can give back.

Furthermore, this app has been downloaded by 1M+ people, and reviewed by more than 21,000 people on the Google Play Store with an average of 4.3 out of a 5-star rating [as of 12-March-2020].

Coin Pop - Play Games & Get Free Gift Cards

Coin Pop is a reward app that allow you play games and get free gift cards.

Coin Pop is another excellent app that allows you to earn real cash by playing games.

You will be rewarded with virtual coins based on how much time you spent playing the games. In other words, you earn coins for every second you play.

And the beautiful part is they offer their users with an extensive library of game types to fit any preference. You can play ANY game you like and start collecting coins!

After you’ve collected enough coins, you can trade them for real cash directly to your PayPal account, or you can use them to redeem any gift cards for major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and more.

You will be amazed if you check the performance of this app on the Google Play Store, this app has been downloaded by 5M+ people, and reviewed by more than 141,000 people on the Google Play Store with an average of 4.0 out of a 5-star rating [as of 12-March-2020].

Big Time Cash - Make Money Free

Untitled design (29)

The rewarding system of Big Time Cash is quite similar to Brain Battle, as they are developed by the same company – WINR Games Inc.

Their only difference is that Brain Battle focuses solely on educational games, while Big Time Cash mostly offers casino-like games.

You just need to download the app, play the games to collect the tickets, and use them to enter their lucky draw for real cash. The chance for you to win in the lucky draw will be getting higher if you have more tickets.

Similar to Brain Battle, Big Time Cash rewards the one lucky winner with a portion of their advertising revenue. The cash prize will be higher if their user base is getting larger.

As of 12-March-2020, this app has been downloaded by more than 5M people and reviewed by over 290k people on the Google Play Store with an average of 4.3 out of a 5-star rating.

Lucky Day - Win Real Money

Lucky Day is a reward app that allow you play games and win real money for free.

If Big Time Cash feels like a small casino right to your phone, and you love it a lot.

Then, I guess “Lucky Day” will be the next level of the digital casino on your smartphone. You will not only love it as you did to Big Time Cash, but I also bet you will get addicted to it.

With Lucky Day installed on your smartphone, you will get to play types of fun casino games for a chance to win real cash up to $100,000. The games are including:

  • Free scratcher
  • Lotto
  • Raffle games

Even if you don’t win money, you still earning points that could be used to redeem gift cards from well-known retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

10M+ people around the world have downloaded this app, and it has accumulated over 887k of excellent feedbacks, with an average of 4.5 stars rating on Google Play Store.

Make Money – Free Cash App

Make Money is a reward app that allow you play games and earn real cash for free.

Make Money is another reward app with a mellifluous rating on Google Play Store.

As of 12 March 2020, this app has been reviewed by 538k people, and it is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars.

If you are a parent who seeks an opportunity for your child to make their own pocket money online, well, this is the best reward app for you because it is an app designed for all age groups.

People make real money by completing some simple and easy tasks inside the app, like watching videos, trying free apps, completing surveys, giving opinions, and more.

Unlike other apps, Make Money only pay you with cash directly into your PayPal account, not gift card or discount voucher, just REAL CASH. And they guarantee you with super fast payouts and free of charge!

CashPirates – Make & Earn Money

CashPirates is a reward app that allow you play games and earn real cash for free.

With over 1 million downloads and 4.4 stars rating on the Google Play Store, CashPirate is capable of competing with other money-making apps.

CashPirate not only allow you to make some pocket money through participating in their activities, but it also provides you the most advanced referral system.

With their referral system, you can earn more money by getting 10% of your referral’s earnings and 5% of their referrals’ earnings. Also, your referrals will get 500 bonus coins. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Once you have collected enough coins, you can use them to redeem awesome cash prizes and vouchers.

appKarma Rewards & Gift Cards

appKarma is a reward app that allow you play games and earn real cash for free.

Last but not least, appKarma is the money-making app that you might not want to miss. This app has over 5 million downloads and high rating (4.5/5 stars) on the Google Play Store.

This apps has various ways to earn points, viz:

  • Install and play with apps inside appKarma.
  • Answer the quiz correctly.
  • Daily checking-in to appKarma
  • Achievement Badges – Earn bonuses for your achievements (install 20 apps, invite a friend, etc …)
  • Referral reward – Invite your friends, and you will get 30% of what they earn from app install offers.

Once you have collected enough points, you can redeem your points for various gift cards which valued from $1 to $20, these including:

  • $1/$3/$5 Amazon Gift Cards
  • $3/$5/$10 PayPal Cash Voucher
  • $5 Starbucks Gift Cards
  • $20 Steam Gift Cards
  • and more…

Final Thoughts

As you can see, playing games are not only can help you to pass the time, but it also can help you to earn some cash if you pick the right game to play.

Even if you don’t win any money, these apps are still worth playing just for entertainment.

However, it’s essential to know that not all apps claiming to offer prizes are legitimate.  Just like I said earlier, there are too many scamming sites on the internet nowadays.

Please be aware of any app that requires you to pay before joining activity inside the app –it’s a sign that it may be a SCAM as you shouldn’t pay before entering the event inside the app or pay for the chance to win.

You could choose the reward apps available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, they are much safer for you to play as there is no risk of fraud.

There’s no guarantee every application will be approved for upload on these platforms unless the developers are obeying the rules.

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