How Introverts Can Turn Affiliate Marketing Into A Career?

How Introverts Can Turn Affiliate Marketing Into A Career?

Nowadays, more and more people start looking for ways to make money online because they realize that relying on a single income source (9~5 job) might be the “stupidest” idea they ever had.

Especially during the virus pandemic in 2020, when numerous “brick-and-mortar” fizzled out, and hundreds of millions of people lost their jobs, it even makes people desperately looking for a reliable way to create a second income source.

If you ever search about “make money online” stuff on the internet, I am sure you will see the word Affiliate Marketing from time to time.

According to Google Trend, public interest in affiliate marketing has reached an all-time high recently:

Public Interest Toward Affiliate Marketing, as seen on Google Trend
Public Interest Toward Affiliate Marketing, as seen on Google Trend

Affiliate marketing has always been a lucrative way to make money online. In today’s article, I will focus on how introverts can benefit from this business model, the guide to build a thriving affiliate marketing business, and the 3 tips to double the success rate.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Table of Contents

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

When you click into this page and read my article, I assume you might already know what affiliate marketing is about, and you are just looking for a useful guide to do it the right way.

However, for the sake of beginners who still don’t know what this fantastic business model is, it’s essentially a process of promoting other people’s products for commissions.

How affiliate marketing works

Your job as an affiliate marketer is to bridge the gap between the vendor and the potential buyers. 

You provide solutions to the potential buyers through informative content and then lead them to the vendor’s site to get the solution. In return, you get a commission if they take your suggestion to purchase the vendor’s product. 

So it’s a win-win-win situation as you help the buyers find what they’re looking for, while you get paid for bringing sales to the vendor.

Why Affiliate Marketing Is A Great Fit For Introverts?

#1: No Customer Support

As I said, you are just a middleman between your affiliate vendor and potential buyers. Hence, the payment process is only happening between two 2 parties, without your involvement.

One of the perks for this is you don’t need to handle the troublesome customer service, and dealing with customer refunds/complaints. All these belong to the vendor’s responsibilities.

#2: No Inventory

Suppose you are an affiliate of a vendor that sells physical products. 

In that case, you don’t need to worry about the inventory, dealing with suppliers, warehouse rentals, and product fulfillment & shipping because you aren’t the one who own or manufacture the products.

Thus, there will be no problem with “deadstock”, which is the additional products that you don’t manage to sell. 

The company will take care of everything. All you have to do is trying your very best to generate sales for them. 

#3: No Face-To-Face Selling/Recruitment

Often beginners will misunderstand that affiliate marketing is MLM. But that’s not true at all. If you have the same misconception, let me break the false belief today.

Even though they both have the same purpose, which is enables affiliates to earn commissions through promoting the products, there’re 2 significant differences between these 2 business models.

First, there’s no multi-level upline and downline relationship in affiliate marketing. It’s just between you and the merchant. 

Hence, you don’t need to do any face-to-face selling or recruitment that freaks you out as an introvert and ruin the relationships at the same time.

And second, you’ve 100% control over your income and business in affiliate marketing, and you own all the commissions you earned. 

But with MLM, your income is entirely reliant on your downlines. If they don’t sell or recruit, you’ll never earn a penny. 

Meanwhile, partial of your commissions will be shared with your uplines. This is the reason why I HATE MLM a lot! That’s just unfair.

MLM vs Affiliate Marketing Commission Structure
MLM vs Affiliate Marketing Commission Structure

#4: Extremely Low Barrier To Entry

As the title said, affiliate marketing takes little to no startup cost. Most affiliate programs are free to join, and it’s also possible to set up a website and start promoting your affiliate offers for FREE.

Besides, if you don’t want to use paid traffic for advertising the products, you don’t need to. You can leverage search engine optimization (SEO) to gain free traffic to your site.

Although it WILL takes a lot of time and effort to build up substantial organic traffic to your site, I promise the results you get will worth it, just like the results I get here.

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#5: A Great Way To Build Passive Income Source

You can build a passive income stream by promoting the products that do provides recurring commissions. As long as your referrals keep using products, you will get paid regularly, with no extra marketing effort required.

Absolute Guide To Start A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business

Step #1: Pick A Niche That You Passionate About

First and foremost, you need to decide on the niche you’re going to cover on your primary show – your website, where you get people’s attention.

Generally speaking, you should pick a niche that you are passionate about. The reasons are simple. When you’re passionate about your chosen niche, it likely means that:

  • You enjoy producing content for this niche, which makes it less seem like a regular job, and it’s easier for you to push through the hard times when you don’t get any results in the beginning.
  • You know who your dream customers are, understand their needs better, and then put the right affiliate offers in front of them.

You don’t have to be an expert to get started, but you will slowly become an expert by continually producing content that you love sharing with others. This somehow will be a happy side-effect of your pursuit, regardless of any money you will make.

With all these in mind, you should never try to target multiple niches that seem profitable and try to sell everything to everyone! 

Or else, you will never have a specific strategy to create content that attracts targeted visitors within a targeted niche, which could enhance the conversion rate of core affiliate products you’re promoting. 

Step #2: Find Relevant Affiliate Program

After finding a niche that suits you, the second thing is to look for a relevant affiliate program that you can offer to the audiences you have been called to serve.

There’re hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs in the world. It’s less likely you can’t find a trusty affiliate program that is a great fit for your targeted audiences.

You can either find it with affiliate networks or visit your favorite brand’s official website to see if they have an affiliate program.

FYI, here are some of the well-known affiliate networks and affiliate programs:

eCommerce Affiliate Programs

  • Amazon Associates 
  • eBay Partners

Travel Affiliate Programs

  • Airbnb
  • Agoda
  • Tripadvisor

Online Courses/eLearning Affiliate Programs

  • Skillshare
  • ClickFunnels
  • Udemy

Affiliate Networks

  • Clickbank 
  • ShareASale
  • CJ Affiliate 
  • Rakuten Advertising

Many new affiliate marketers use Amazon as a jump-off point not just because they can easily obtain and track their affiliate links from one site, which makes things so much easier to manage.

Additionally, with an infinite list of products on Amazon, you’ll have no problem finding suitable items in your niche that you can put in the blog posts.

But due to Amazon’s low commission rates, most people tend to go after affiliate networks like Clickbank for higher commissions.

No matter which affiliate program that you choose to promote, as long as its quality is guaranteed and has a good reputation for taking care of its customers and affiliates, you’ll be in a good place.

Step #3: Build A Website

Building a website is no longer only exclusive for tech-savvy people in today’s world. Even an ordinary joe could create a profit-ready website with just a few clicks. 

I know that because I am not a tech geek myself. But How? The answer is straightforward. Just use SiteRubix!

With SiteRubix, you can quickly build a profit-ready website in a couple of minutes that is FREE in the first 6 months. 

I guess the 6-month free trial is more than enough time to decide whether you are serious about your business or not.

👇Build Your Profit-ready Website In Minutes With SiteRubix👇

However, you can only build a “normal-looking” WordPress website with SiteRubix. 

If you want to have full control over your website’s appearance like mine, I recommend installing the Elementor plugin in your WordPress. 

It’s a second-to-none page builder that allows you to customize your website, making it more visual-appealing and captivating your readers’ eyeballs.

I edit the blog post that you are reading right now with Elementor!
I edit the blog post that you are reading right now with Elementor!

Step #4: Keyword Research

As I mentioned earlier, you will be mainly using search engine optimization (SEO) to drive free organic traffic if you don’t have much startup capital.

Please don’t underestimate the power of SEO because it could bring you thousands of free traffic daily if you build your online business on a firm foundation. It’s the backbone of your entire business.

Targeting a good keyword on each of your content is a part of SEO. A keyword is also widely known as a “search term”, which refers to a word or phrase that someone types into a search engine to find things they are looking for online.

That said, conducting proper keyword research before creating your content plays a crucial role in bringing you free traffic from the search engine results page (SERP).

To find good keywords, you need a tool to make your research easier.

Jaaxy is my preferred keyword research tool, and I use it A LOT. It provides various helpful information about the seed keyword you entered and other related search queries.

Jaaxy Search Results
Jaaxy Search Results

This tool saves me lots of time by providing numerous keyword ideas with a high search volume and low competition in a short period of time. 

Jaaxy does provide 30 free keyword searches daily. If you think the tool is useful, you can always upgrade to their premium plan later.

👇Feel Free To Give Jaaxy A Try👇

Step #5: Create Content With Intent

After you found some potential keywords, you’re about to move on to the toughest part of the entire process – Creating content for each of the keywords.

Your content’s focal point should be to engage, help, and inform people while getting them to take an actionable task (the intention). 

And your intention here is to kindly ask them to buy something by naturally attaching your affiliate links at the sweet spots of your content.

At first, most people will find that creating content (i.e. write a 1000 words blog post daily) is challenging. It is very normal, especially if you are completely new to this. You just have to keep practicing, and there’s no shortcut for it.

That’s why I keep emphasizing earlier that you MUST choose the niche that you love. Otherwise, you WILL lose interest in your business very soon.

Step #6: Generate Sales

Typically, it will take you about 6~12 months to starts seeing decent SEO results. But the premise is that you have to keep producing quality content continuously (at least 3 blog posts per week).

This is the main reason why most people aren’t interested in affiliate marketing, or they give up early because acquiring success in affiliate marketing is really not easy.

But if you’re persistent enough to make it to the point where your business starts to get traction, free organic traffic will be rolling into your site like crazy. 

That’s the power of The Compounding Effect, and it’s the time your affiliate commission will start to skyrocket.

The power of The Compounding Effect

The Ultimate Tips To To Turn Affiliate Marketing Into A Full-Time Career

#1: Consistency Is Key

Like what I said in the previous section, it will take at least 6 to 12 months for Google starts to treat your site seriously and giving you more domain authority. 

Before you get to see any results, you have to be mentally tough and be willing to work for free by consistently posting unique, valuable, niche-related content on your site.

A famous quote stated: “To be the top 1% who succeed, you have to be willing to do what other 99% aren’t.” I am a strong believer in this.

The vast majority of people will not be willing to sacrifice for 1~2 years upfront to get the long-term rewards they desired. That’s just human nature, always seeking for comforts and instant gratification.

I believe if you aren’t willing to sacrifice for your dream, your dream will become your sacrifice sooner or later.

Even though I can’t guarantee you will get the same results as mine, but don’t you think that you better your odds of succeeding if you are willing to put in the works rather than do nothing like others? 

You betcha!

#2: Be A Lifelong Learner

Obviously, the values and information that I could provide to you through this blog post are very limited. There’re endless things in affiliate marketing waiting for you to explore.

Unless you are dedicated to turning affiliate marketing into a full-time career, learning affiliate marketing might be an overwhelmed task if you are just looking for ways to earn quick bucks.

Perhaps you want to shorten your learning curve and avoiding unnecessary trials and errors. You need to seek mentorship from people who have successfully build a thriving affiliate marketing business.

#3: Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People

We know that everybody has different interests and passions. 

It’s tough enough to find a like-minded person who has the same goal as yours and do things together. Make things even worst, affiliate marketing is not prevalent in most countries yet, so it’s very normal if little to nobody understands what you’re doing.

Affiliate marketing is kinda like a “solopreneurship” where you WILL be working alone most of the time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t connect to others online. 

It will be great to network with other successful affiliate marketers online because you could gain wisdom by spending your time with people who are ahead of you.

Besides, it’s also a great place to get encouragement to keep on the journey because you’ll feel like you’re not alone.

Wrap Up

Kudos to you! You’ve just read 2400+ words and still counting. If you make it this far, I commend your commitment.

Meanwhile, I can also feel how serious you’re when it comes to making money with affiliate marketing.

Indeed, affiliate marketing is my first recommendation to all beginners for making money online because of the low risk and affordable startup cost involved.


Affiliate marketing is not going to disappear. Because e-commerce is growing at a pace that no one can predict.

With the growth of e-commerce, Affiliate Marketing is going to expand as well.

If you want to hone this high-income skill with the right training, check out my top recommended Affiliate Marketing training here.

And yes, this is the place where you can speed up your success rate by learning from people who are better than you and surround yourself with like-minded people.

There’s a batch of ambitious affiliate marketers that willing to help you out whenever you need assistance, including me.

Rest assured, this training is:

  • 100% Risk-Free ➜ Free to get started
  • No hypes ➜ They’ll set you the right expectation toward affiliate marketing in the beginning.
  • Active community ➜ There are a lot of successful affiliate marketers in different markets ready to help you out.

You probably still hold a healthy dose of skepticism towards my top recommended training. 

No worries, as I said, they’re FREE to get started. 

You can leave anytime if you found the training didn’t suit you, with no commitment required.

So wait no more, click the “Learn More” button to discover my top recommended learning platform that can help you turn your passion into profits with Affiliate Marketing!

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Zac Phua

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  1. Hello Zac, affiliate marketing is a great idea and seeing anyone make money from their business makes me happy and affiliate marketing have been really nice with.  I’ve never thought of it as as a career before, but on seeing this post, I am really looking forward to building a big business from it

    1. I am glad to hear that my article does give you some sort of inspiration and motivation to pursue affiliate marketing success, Justin. Sending my best wishes to your future success!

  2. Hello there, Anyone can throw together a website, post a few hastily written articles and drop in a bunch of affiliate links, but the really successful affiliates know there’s much more to it than that…It really Good to take affiliate marketing as a career as it would help one really achieve a lot without think of doing others things as u know it your life time Job.

    1. I totally agreed with what you have said, Ismeglamour.

      T.Harv Eker once said: “Where your attention goes energy flows, and results show.”

      If someone treats affiliate marketing like a real business, and willing to put in the hard works than anyone else, they will reap the rewards they plant.

  3. Your content is spot on!

    Affiliate marketing is a dream career for introverts. I know that because i tend to be an introvert myself and am currently a full time affiliate marketer and professional blogger. If you’re a self-stated introvert/reserved and are researching affiliate marketing, you are on the right track. I would sincerely ask you to continue you to keep researching, because nothing beats affiliate marketing. Thanks once again for the effort

  4. Thank you so much for sharing with us an interesting and excellent article. The principal content of this article is Turn Affiliate Marketing Into A Career. It is really pretty that you have demonstrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about it. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like to Build A Website. Creating a website is very easy with SiteRubix which is a website that can be created for free. Today I have succeeded in affiliate marketing by creating a website myself and from where I started my career.
    Finally, I have read and enjoyed your article so I would like to share in my group a wide discussion on how to transform the topic of the article from affiliate marketing to career so that everyone benefits.

    1. Thank you so much for your support, Md. Asraful Islam! I really appreciate it if you could help me to spread the words by sharing this article with more people and benefit them!

  5. Thank you very much for this extremely interesting article, you haven’t left anything out. You have brought it to the point, great job, respect. I have already learned so much more from this article and think that the affiliate program fits perfectly into this time, thank you for offering me and a lot of people the opportunity to the affiliate marketing, especially women and single parents can earn their money from home, and yes you are right 9 to 5 sucks.

    1. You are more than welcome, Monique. I am happy to hear that you have made the first step to venture into the world of affiliate marketing. Sending my best wishes to your future success!

  6. I loved this and the introvert topic! I think affiliate marketing is perfect for both the introvert and the extrovert because there are so many different ways to market! The extrovert can be on video the introvert can work the backend. i love the images you have by the way! You made me way more interested with affiliate marketing as I have just started to get into myself. Thanks for the insight and lesson!

    1. It’s my pleasure to be able to give you some inspirations through my content, my friend! Wish you all the best in your affiliate marketing venture!

  7. Hello there! This is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure this information here will be of great help to any one who come across it as it is to me. In my opinion, An affiliate marketing career can be hugely rewarding either personally or financially, t it takes application and effort to make it a real success. Thanks!

    1. You are right, Joy. As long as someone is willing to put in the effort, they are more likely to get rewards that they deserved.

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